Love Shopping? Here Are The Top 15 Shopping Destinations Of Delhi

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Shopping Kahajaun

Delhi is strikingly rich when it comes to its historic culture and when it comes to alluring its residents with some brilliant shopping locales, Delhi just does it with ease. Delhi has been a major intermediary as far as trade in the country is concerned. The city has the most expensive market in the country and at the same time caters to those with a minimal budget. The place has a specific market for every product you seek, be it clothes, gadgets, machines or for that matter even spices. So, Here Are The Top 15 Shopping Destinations Of Delhi, choose your pick and prepare to pamper yourself. And for those who don’t love shopping, Delhi will not disappoint you either.

Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is at the top of our list and this time we don’t wish to discuss the famous ‘Pranthe Wali Gali’. Chandni Chowk is not for those who yearn to escape crowd. Chandni Chowk symbolises thick crowd of people from across the city and probably the globe, all here to enrich themselves with an experience that majorly involves shopping. Chandni Chowk is famous for the large variety of Sarees and raw-materials involving clothes. Chandni Chowk does not stop there. Not yet.

The narrow by-lanes of the place requires you to possess the heart to venture into them. These lanes are further divided into bazaars each with a specialisation of its own. In Katra Neel, you will be getting fabrics that you are looking for. There is another bazaar specifically meant to help you purchase silver and the place is called Dariba Kalan. And finally, you have the Kinari bazaar that makes you want to get married. It sells everything concerning marriage, from the invitation cards to probably the cart you want to ride on.

Khari Baoli

Khari Baoli Market is located at the western end of Chandni Chowk and adjacent to Fatehpuri Masjid. The market is popular for wholesale grocery but where it takes its fame to an altogether a different level is that the place is listed as Asia’s largest spice market. The place provides you spices, nuts and dry fruits of countless varieties and the entire bazaar is a sight to behold. The place gets its fair share of the crowd from around the country and customers from around the world. Next time you have your meal, understand that spices could have something to do with this market. The place is nearly 400 years old.

Lajpat Nagar Central Market

Located in South Delhi, Lajpat Nagar had been named after Lala Lajpat Rai. The Lajpat Nagar Central Market is impressive to a large extent as the place is loaded with shops targeting the middle-class families of the country. Lajpat Nagar Central Market is extremely popular for the budget friendly garments, footwears and daily wears. The place is also a huge attraction for those interested in wearing ‘mehandis’ and for those who love to pamper themselves with colourful bangles. The place remains closed on Mondays, so plan accordingly.

Sarojini Market

Sarojini Market is crowded by the young from the city all eager to lay their hands on the best of the designer dresses. Sarojini Market is Delhi’s abode for cheap designer clothes and for the girls of the city, this market is almost a synonym for the word ‘Shopping’. Those brand labelled dresses with rarely visible manufacturing defects make their way into the market and are sold like hot cakes. The market usually is visited by college going students and majority of the city’s party going crowd shops from here. If you are planning to visit the place prepare to carry on with some bargaining efforts. Just like Lajpat Nagar Central Market, Sarojini Market too stays shut during Mondays.

Connaught Place

Connaught Place also known as Rajeev Chowk is a beautiful place that has the popularity that is unfathomable in mere words. The place is loaded with happy shoppers and at no time will you find the place at peace. Connaught Place is probably the largest financial, business and commercial centers of the city. The place has a number of brand outlets in every block or every circle that you get into. Apart from branded outlets, the place is famous for accessories such as bangles and phone accessories. The place also is hugely popular for wall posters of actors, tv series, movies and games. Connaught place also hosts some of the most popular restaurants of the city and the place alone consists of more than 200 eating joints and around equal number of shopping outlets.

PS: It is this large hearted place where the largest flag of the Nation swirls and is a symbol of National pride.

Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar is easily the most comfortable shopping experience that you can enjoy in Delhi. The entire market is located underground and is air-conditioned, to the delight of every Delhite. Palika Bazaar is located right under the central park in Connaught place and it is here that you find everything from, jewellery to clothes to gadgets at prices that will force you to make the purchase. The place consists of countless shops and so the shopkeepers try their best to allure you with lucrative prices. You yourselves at the time have no clue about how high you are being charged and how low the price can be pushed to.

A word of caution. Do repeatedly check any gadget you purchase. The place is infamous for selling defected gadgets too.

Gaffar Market In Karol Bagh

A few steps away from the Karol Bagh metro station and what you step into is one single broad lane of a huge market with shops on the either sides of the lanes. The length of the market is overwhelmingly long and I as a Delhite have visited the market ‘n’ number of times but have never been able to reach the end of the market yet. The place is famous for clothes at reasonable prices along with budget friendly hotels and restaurants. Karol Bagh further entertains you with the Gaffar market that is a huge electronic market. This market sells everything under the sun that can be called a gadget. Mobile phones and speakers sell like chow mien here. Believe Us.

Sadar Bazar

Sadar Bazar is another market located very close to Chandni Chowk. The place is located on the European side of the Khari Baoli street and specialises in household items. Though Sadar Bazaar is precisely a wholesale market, the place does entertain a few retailers giving rise to a wholesome shopping experience. The place is usually crowded with people and thrives solely on the eagerness of this crowd to make their purchases. The place sells furniture and wood at wholesale prices and apart from it, you have toys, jewellery replicas and various other goods being sold here at astonishing prices.

Dilli Haat

This place is run by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation and is a collection of India’s rich varied culture in one open area. The place is majorly a crafts market and remains open throughout the week. Dilli Haat highlights the rich national heritage and does a perfect job of both encouraging the rural culture and at the same time bringing the urban life closer to the earthly style of living. Dilli Haat is a great shopping destination for those seeking accessories, handicrafts and handmade clothes rich in culture that hails all the way from specific part of the nations. The outlets stay for a maximum of fifteen days. So shopping after every fifteen days is a new experience altogether. After fifteen days, the shops are replaced by new retailers highlighting their culture, their art, handicrafts and regionals wear.

Khan Market

This place is the most expensive market that you have in the country and has a place in the list of Asia’s costliest market places. So obviously, shopping here is not for everyone and unlike many market places that seek to attract the middle-class families, Khan Market is aimed towards the elite class. The place is loaded with high-end brand outlets and even the restaurants here are a collection of luxury dine-ins. The entire market is a U-shaped market with more than 150 shops consisting of an overwhelming count of brand outlets and restaurants catering to every need be it, food, daily needs, party needs, home needs or accessories. Khan market actually can burn a deep hole in your pockets.

Nehru Place Market

Located in South Delhi, Nehru Place Market is also termed as the Nehru Place Computer Market. It is the IT hub of the capital and people throng in thousands to this place on daily basis. The place is more of an IT market with most of the shops selling, computer hardware, printers, laptops and anything that a computer geek can relate to. At the same time, the place also is a favourite destination for those looking for modern or ancient gadgets or gadget parts. Nehru Place Market promises superior shelf life for most of the products you purchase and shopping here ends up being a lighter affair for the wallet when compared to your usual shopping experience. Must Visit.

Monastery (Tibetan Market)

Located under the ISBT Shahdra Link Flyover Arch, Monastery market or fondly called the Tibetan market is extremely popular especially during the months of winter. The market is set up by the Tibetan refugees of India and the place as a whole has a settlement of large troops of people from Tibet. The place can be termed as a little Tibet of Delhi and it is over all a happening place. The market place is great with winter wears at inexpensive rates and also footwears. The place is famous amongst the Delhi University students and sells trendy clothes and accessories along with Tibetan artefacts. The place beyond the market has a beautiful monastery and the Tibet lifestyle is visible as you enter into the lanes.

Kamla Nagar Market

Named after Kamla Nehru, Kamla Market is a major shopping destination of Delhi. Located in close proximity to the North campus of the Delhi University, the market is situated opposite the Hansraj College area. The place houses countless International brand outlets and at the same time also consists of many Indian outlets too. Kamla Nagar Market is a perfect shopping destination for bridal wears, Indian ethnic and modern wears, groom wears and other accessories. The place has huge popularity amongst the youth for housing iconic food joints that are equally budget friendly. The place sells affordable and impressive designs of garments and designer wears. Lastly, the place also is popular for consisting many publishing houses.

Janpath Market

Another immensely popular market area around the Connaught Place circle is the Janpath Market. The place has every shopper talking about it and remains on the shopping list of most of the youngsters. The place provides a good variety of clothes both ethnic and trendy modern wears apart from happening Indian artefacts and handicrafts. Closed during the Sundays, the place is another good option when it comes to shopping for winter wears. Janpath market has a metro station by the same name dedicated to it although it is closely located to another market place – Palika Bazaar.

Lakshmi Nagar Market

Just beside the Lakshmi Nagar Metro station is the market area that so resembles the market area of Karol Bagh. The place again has a long stretch of road with shops and few branded outlets on both sides of the road bustling with a noisy crowd. From clothes to footwears and from electronics to food, Lakshmi Nagar Market has all placed here. It now is up to you to decide what outlet you want to get into and how far within the market you dare to penetrate into. Just like the Karol Bagh market, this market place to seems to stretch on till ever.


Now that we have given you enough number of places to satisfy your shopping needs, you can now thank us. If you believe we have missed out on something, do let us know and we will be thanking you for this time. Happy shopping! And remember – ‘You don’t need to be a King or a Queen to shop like One’.

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