SMAAASH – A Whole New World Of Entertainment, Noida

Noida is steadily turning into a hub of entertainment, targeting almost every age group, leaving behind none, for age is just a number. Right? The newly inaugurated DLF Mall Of India has taken up the responsibility of bringing every kind of entertainment under one roof. Out of the few noteworthy options, Smaaash takes the cake for catering to the needs of people of every age group.

SMAASH is in Noida and you cannot contain the excitement once you enter the place. While, from outside, it looks like a simple gaming zone, upon entry, Smaaash is a whole new world of entertainment. A sports-centric, interactive entertainment center is how Smaaash define themselves. With a wide range of immersive gaming sections, Smaaash keeps the excitement level at its prime. You might run out of time, but you shall not run out of options here.

Smaaash offers a varied range of gaming options with the latest technology of virtual reality filling up quite a large section of the place. One does not call this place interactive for no reason.

Walk On The Plank: A thrilling experience where you get to walk on a plank. This virtual reality experience takes you to an adventure where height is your greatest but not the only enemy. As the plank is your only hope for safety, you have monsters that you need to fight on your way to safety.

War On Wheels: Another 360 degrees virtual reality treat where you and your team get to battle the zombies. As you go on a killing spree, make sure you have a trustworthy partner behind the wheels of that shaky rugged jeep.

Finger Coaster: Design your personal roller-coaster ride and engage in a ride of adrenaline-pumping thrill. Another virtual reality stimulated experience, Finger Coaster is a new addition, one that you cannot afford to miss.

Super Keeper: You think you know football well enough? At least penalty shootouts should be an easy task for you? Stay warned. Super Keeper at Smaaash requires more than just skills and hitting the ball into the net is no easy a task. The goalie at super keeper is almost unbeatable and the one who manages to score an unimaginable 10 on 10 can take home a Harley Davidson. Now that should keep you engaged. What say?

Trampoline Park: A park where the floor is replaced by a long, never-ending stretch of trampolines. Don’t bother about your age and just get into the park. Keep your energy high and enjoy bouncing.

Twilight Bowling : Bowling on a UV-lit bowling alley will be the most fun experience that you could have at the Smaaash in Noida. Lose track of time, munch your way into snacks as you engage in hours of bowling with your groupies. The deals here are attractive no doubt. A score of 120 wins you two glasses of beer. Score 210 and get 5000 worth of recharge on your Smaaash card. Score 280 and win….. (wait for it)….. a Harley Davidson.

Smaaash Cricket: A 360-degree cricket stimulator is your stadium where your bat against the cricketing legends. This zone is not only about displaying your cricketing skills 6 consecutive sixes get you to win a Harley Davidson. Man! What’s with all the Harley Davidsons really!

Apart from the overwhelming number of gaming options at Smaaash, they have a comfy Food and Bevarage section promptly called the ‘Mighty Small Café’. The highlight of Smaaash is this Carnival themed Café where one gets to savour an eclectic menu. The mighty small café is an ode to the sporting legends, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Christiano Ronaldo, who are known for their association with Smaaash.

Smaaash is the only place that combines food, music and sports with a large dose of adventure brought to you by the latest of technologies that only confirms excitement and a few hours of most cherished moments of your life.