Interesting Online Events / Webinar happening this Weekend from 19 to 21 June

Here is a list of interesting events and webinars happening this weekend from 19 to 21 june, from yoga to art to stand up comedy online events.



DREAMING STAGE in collaboration with BOOKMYSHOW is getting Delhi’s most loved comedy play “SWEET SUITE” delivered right on your home screen.
Because when you can’t reach the Theatre, we plan to bring the Theatre to you.
Watch this 120min Laugh Riot on your choice of the screen with your family.


Acrylic Pour : Online Workshop

An art workshop where you let your emotions flow with vibrant colours and wash the dust off your soul. That’s what we’ve devised with our upcoming Acrylic Pour Online Workshop.

No matter you don’t have the material originally used to practice this artform. Our artist Surekha Sundaram has devised techniques & discovered ideas for you to practice acrylic pour with joy even in quarantine. You’ll learn multiple acrylic pour techniques to create an abstract painting that will be a reflection of you and an expression of your inner self. No prior experience required.

Materials :
1. Surface : Canvas/wooden board/plastic board/tile/shoe box lid/cardboard
2. Colors : Acrylics
3. Fevicol or any craft glue like modge podge/ elmer’s
4. Water
5. Oil
6. Disposable cups

When: 19 June, 2020
Where: Google Meet App
Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

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Virtual Summer Extravaganza Camp by Petals Preschool


Summer will be full of fun and learning. Let your little one join us at our summer camp as we are ready to take them on a jolly ride. Various activities are on offer to help your little one stay engaged, while we continue to nurture the happiest kids.

List of Virtual Summer Camp Activities:
1. Life Skill
2. Critical Thinking Skills
3. Curiosity and Imagination Skills
4. Communication Skills
5. Motor Skills
6. Scientific Skills

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Flexibility and Immunity through Traditional Asana

Asana is one of the most effective and time-tested natural immunity boosters. Let’s explore easy Asana with Himanshu Sahani in this coming Saturday.

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DIY Folk Art Table Mats : Online Workshop

Ptah loves coming up with DIY projects for you that not only adds on to your skill but also ends up in a beautiful handmade product that you will cherish forever!

So here we are with another DIY workshop and it is Table Mats this time. We have picked folk art as the theme to acquaint you with the beauty of Indian Folk Art that always finds a special corner in our households.

In this workshop, you will learn about some motives & borders in Folk Art and will create your very first handmade table mat along with our artist Prachi Kedia, who has her own range of such artistic handmade home decor pieces.

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Free Online Iyengar Yoga Workshop

On this International Yoga Day you are invited to experience a class like no other!

Yoganusasanam is offering a Free weekend workshop online on Zoom for everyone who has never experienced Iyengar yoga before.

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Online Webinar : MindScape- Mindset Is Everything with Col Bedi

A Webinar with Col Aman Bedi to explore Wellbeing and Happiness…. how life changes when we change our thinking.

Happiness can only experienced within and then radiated out. With some guided Inner Work, Happiness could easily become a Habit and a ‘State-of-being’. Also learn how to keep the control of your own Happiness with yourself.

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DIV Beauty Hacks Live with Neha Bajaj

Get ready for some cool tips & tricks to take care of your skin! Neha Bajaj will showcase some easy to use home hacks and show you how to add charm to your skin. Doesnt matter if you are a boy or a girl these hacks are for all of you.

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Live session with Chef Nishant Choubey every Sunday

Hailing from the academic background family in Bihar now called Jharkhand in India, smitten by the local culture, tradition and food, He loves to represent India for its rich and diversified cuisines across the globe.

Hello Moms, get ready to make your Sunday cooking fabulous with our favourite Chef Nishant Choubey.

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Baap Ko Mat Sikha – A Standup Comedy Open Mic

The GAGster club presents “Baap Ko Mat Sikha” – A Father’s Day Special standup comedy open mic.
Get ready with observing your father and puke out all the “Kadwa Sach” on this Father’s Day.
Something good for FATHER’s: I hope this father’s day is as fun as your life was before kids.
Note: It would be great if you bring audience (family or friends) to the event because we won’t be providing that LOL.

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Improving Interpersonal Communication

Humans are inherently social creatures, making interpersonal communication a vital aspect of our existence. This webinar will employ expressive arts therapy techniques: visual arts, movement/dance, writing & music to facilitate our understanding of the common barriers as well as potential pathways for more effective patterns of communication.

Topics covered include:
Emotional Intelligence
Verbal & Non-verbal Communication
DBT Communication Tools
CBT Paradigm

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