Interesting Events Happening this Weekend | 21 to 23 Aug, 2020

Lockdown Diaries: Photo Exhibition

On the occasion of World Photography day, Museo Camera is proud to announce the opening of a new photo exhibition “The Lockdown Diaries”

India Photo Archive Foundation, Museo Camera and Dahuez began the #LockDownDiaries a few weeks into the lockdown to gather images and give everyone a platform to share moments while all were in isolation and confined to our homes. It was the little things that everyone started paying attention to – the blossoming of flowers, the clear skies, the call of the newspaperman every morning, the variety of birds flying around us or even the steam coming out of a hot cup of tea in the mornings.

The Lockdown Diaries is not a photo contest, it’s a journal of our times.

The exhibition will be open from 11 am-7 pm 7 days a week. All precautions are being taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

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How To Achieve Goals & Target!

Many of us seem to have unrealized goals or incomplete plans and many of us face tasks that appear overwhelming even impossible to achieve.

L. Ron Hubbard developed an enormous body of technology to ensure the success of any group. In doing so, he also provided a solution to the most common of failings: the lack of ability to execute plans.

In this Free lecture, you will know how to attain literally any goal, large or small.

To know more Attend a Lecture on “ACHIEVING GOALS & TARGETS”.

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Move from Negative to Positive with Aparna Jain

Have you wondered why some people attract all the good things in life while some of us face numerous roadblocks?

In this webinar, you will get an insight into how you have the power within you to move your life from negative to positive.

You will :

* Find out what kind of reality are you creating for yourself
* Reasons for your anxiety and outbursts
* Connection between thoughts, emotions and physical well being
* How you can move your thoughts from negative to positive

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Jokes on the Rocks with Manoj Dogra

Manoj Dogra is a Delhi based comedian, he makes people laugh with a witness and observational comedy. Manoj Dogra is IIM Calcutta alumni, and married to an Army officer Lady, hence this makes him land on the comedy war zone. His comedy is funny and clean, which makes people laugh without upsetting anyone’s emotions and feelings. He has performed incorporates, collages, comedy clubs and Radio Stations.

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MAI aur MR. ARORA with Ravi Khurana presented by TheGAGsterClub

Be ready to get high as there would be a lot of tales, jokes and possibly some Royal stag as well.
Buy your laughing ticket fast and get a better version of working from home.

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Webinar – Future of Handloom

We are back with another interesting webinar with stalwarts of the handloom sector. A live demonstration by Bhojraj Sonkusare explaining the process from cocoon cultivation to yarn making! All proceeds from the event will go to our Artisan Support Fund.

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Flowers will start flowering

We are incredibly excited for our forthcoming conversation on 10 years of KNMA. Join us to listen to inspiring moments as well as challenging occasions, with Kiran Nadar and Roobina Karode in conversation with Akansha Rastogi, as they speak on their journey of museum-making in India.

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Meditate with Acharyashree

Acharya Ravishankar Tejasvi is commonly known as AcharyaShree”, is an Indian yogi, a spiritual master, a philosopher, a poet, an author, motivational speaker and a humanitarian. He is the founder and Director of YOGDHARA and Training Head Department of Yoga of BMY (Book My Yoga).

His teachings make you experience Yoga in its absolute form, easy way going with all smile peace and pleasure. His specialization includes stress management, meditation, motivation, the advanced approach of Yoga therapy (AAYT), corporate Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for children, Yoga for psychosomatic ailments, chanting, discourse and poetry.

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Revival of Ghazals – A Seminar

Ghazals have been one of the most beautiful genre of music in terms of expressions and melody. Ghazal as a genre of music has been celebrated and sung since time immemorial.
However, in today’s’ new age scenario, Ghazals seem to be losing it relevance and flavor.
Insperante’ bring to you a thought-provoking panel discussion on the Revival of Ghazals in the presence of the stake-holders of music –
1. Ustad Ahmed Hussain Muhammad Hussain, Classing singing legend and Ghazal Maestro
2. Ustad Ghulam Abbas Khan – Ghazal Maestro and Internationally acclaimed Classical Singing artist.
3. Mr. Manpreet Kochar, Founder & CEO, A&M Studio
4. Mr. Piyush Jaiswal, Chairman, Bijan Ads and Films Pvt Ltd
5. Ms. Sakshi Jain – Art Enthusiast
Moderated by Malvika Hariom, Poetess and Ghazal Singer.

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Mandala Coaster Art Therapy

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Kitchen Garden Care

It’s easy to start a garden, anyone can do it. The difficult part is to keep it going. Garden Care forms the crux of gardening, and Edible Routes is here to help you with it!

This workshop will cover all about manuring, watering, weeding, mulching, and harvesting. Maintenance is your classroom of learning. While carrying out maintenance tasks, we will develop the observation skills required for successful gardening.

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Pep Talk Radio: Free Online English Practice (All Levels)

Join our Virtual gathering to practice your English conversation skills with a group of fellow learners. All levels are welcome.

Have fun, hang out with people from different cultures, create a cool international community and get better at languages along the way.

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