Aboard Delhi’s First Food Train ‘IMLY’. Where Region Is No Bar.

De-boarding the Rajendra Place metro station and walking a few meters lands you right before a majestic looking 250-meter long train with an engine that proudly announces its name in colorful letters. Imly is not just any restaurant that you visit on a weekend. It is an experience that does not care to drain you of your cash but yet lets you leave with memories that are cherishable for a long while.

The red colored train with a kitchen designed into the engine makes for a perfect family treat and keeps up with the fascination factor even once you enter the place. (If at all you get a seat that is).  Imly in the inside gives the look of a luxury train with fine seating arrangements and televisions displaying wonderful scenic views that you usually witness on a train ride. Where Imly yet again impresses you is through their FOOD.

Imly serves food from all over the country be it north, south, east or the west. They have specific menus from different regions and they cater to the likes and fancies of every kind of customers. Imly’s staff is super-efficient and the presentation of the food will please you without a doubt. The pani-puris served on a mini giant-wheel or a mini train is worth several food pictures and you better keep the orders coming for a better experience.

Imly’s flavored ‘Bantas’ are show-stealers and make sure you order them all. Imly further takes credit for serving delicious food stretched over a vast menu. Be it Dosas or Kulchas, Chole Bhature or The Chinese Bhel, Imly maintains its taste and leaves you asking for more.

So, the next time you are looking for an impressive, all vegetarian experience that will accommodate itself within the budget you have, better hop into this beautiful food train of joy and lots of Food.

Where: Rajendra Place Market

Nearest Metro Station: Rajendra Place

Specialize In: Street Food, Fast Food, Regional Food

What To Have: Chinese Bhel, Veg Kebab Platter, Bantas, Samosa Chaat, Pizza Dosas and much more.

Cost For Two: 500 Max

What To Remember: The place is a let down for non-vegetarian lovers. Prepare for a good photography session.