PIALI – The Curry Bistro, Connaught Place

Piali is a new joinee in town that is already hoarded by countless eateries but like everybody else, we aren’t complaining either. Infact Piali is pretty impressive both in terms of ambiances and its Asian-Indian cusines. Piali is located right opposite the PVR plaza. The ambience consists of a comfortable looking, well-lit place that has a large seating arrangement apart from a bar area and another tiny seating space that has an artificial fireplace. This tiny seating space looks like the study room that you see in the large houses of Bollywood, Hollywood movies. Yes, it is that pretty.

Known to serve some fine Indian and Asian cuisines, Piali, in terms of its food and cocktails, excels with brownie points. The menu of the place is large enough to provide something for everyone. Some of the recommended veg and non-veg dishes that you should definitely give a try are :.

Corn Tempura – This is a deeply fried corn delicacy. Crunchy, delicious and goes perfectly with the dips. You will enjoy this starter for sure.

Dabeli – Another one for the pure vegetarians. It looks like your regular pav bhaji but is quiet different. Buns with potato stuffing and bhujia all over. Delicious and surprisingly very light.

Mutton Pepper Fry – Finely minced mutton is what every meat lover enjoys any day. These will go very well with wine/cocktails. A must order.

Chicken Satay – Delicate chicken grilled on a skewer and served with peanut sauce. Delectable and appetizing no doubt.

Bhutta Meti Malai – Indian gravy style delicacy that includes a lot of corn, onion and of course an overwhelming amount of rich cream.

Daal Mash Lahori – Deliciously prepared. As simple as daal can be, but loaded with cream and butter. Lip-smacking.

Martaban Meat – This is the mutton delicacy that you will not be able to resist. You will not want to waste a single bit of the gravy even. Amazingly done. Served with Laccha Paranthas. Must must have.

Daab Chingri – Traditional Bengali delicacy that includes prawns with thick gravy and rice. The presentation of this dish is beautiful and as beautiful as it looks, the delicacy is tasty beyond that.

Pineapple Halwa – The perfect dessert for the perfect dining experience.

The service at Piali is decent with interactive staff, a skilled chef and a young management team. The food overall is impressive to a large extent and makes you rave about it for a while. Although the place looks expensive, the cost here is reasonable. Value for money at its best.

Where ? CP, Opposite PVR Plaza

Known For ? Asian and Indian Food

Cost For Two ? 1400