Sarojini Nagar Market : Cheap and Best Shopping Destination in Delhi

Sarojini Nagar Market (or SN, as locals know it) is Delhi’s most famous and best known Flea Market. The market is like a living organism which has a positive pulsating energy of its own that can be felt as soon as one enters the Sarojini Nagar Market. The market is known for export excess goods which are branded and yet cost a lot less than the showroom price.


How to reach, timing and parking:

The nearest metro station to Sarojini Nagar Market is the INA metro station from which shared autos can be hired for Rs.10 per person, which is a loot. The auto leaves you nearby Mahindra Sweets, which is located at the edge of Babu Market. Sarojini Nagar Market opens up around 11 A.M. and is bustling till 8 or 9 P.M. For those who cannot bear the crowd, the day-time shopping experience can be stress-free and enjoyable.

The newly made mall has multi-level parking which is completely hassle-free, also there is NDMC parking which has now been extended till the nearby government colony.


The Sarojini Experience:

Sarojini Nagar Market is a great retreat for lovers of haggling and for whom bargaining is a stress buster, it is a full-fledged flea market in this regard. It is an unspoken understanding that 40% – 50% of the price can be bargained for. The sellers will ensure that no matter what the price tag says, a reasonable price is negotiated.

There is a huge variety of merchandise from brands like Vero Moda, Forever 21, Mango, Zara, Levis, LP etc. which can be purchased at very low prices; being export excess. The sellers employ many methods to woo the customers like having jokers in front of their shops and people shouting extremely witty slogans to lure the customers in.

The “gully” with the arch in front of the vegetable market has a lot of variety of dresses and other dress items for women. You must check the size of the clothes you want to buy here before purchasing them because the size tags can sometimes be deceiving. Also do wash the clothes once before wearing them as we all know the conditions in which they are put on display for the whole day.

There are many street vendors who sell first copies of branded watches and shades, these look exactly the same as the original and can be purchased for throwaway prices of Rs.300 – Rs.400. There are many shoe shops for both men and women where many designs of shoes can be found and are also economically priced.

Monday market is a special feature. Although generally Sarojini Nagar Market is closed on Mondays, but many street vendors come on Monday to take advantage of the closure of showrooms. The clothes on Mondays are very cheap as compared to the other days and hence it is a good option for people who do not want to spend a lot and yet take home a lot of good stuff. Do carry a huge carry bag and wear comfortable clothes because you will definitely be spending a lot of time in the market. It is also entertaining to see the street vendors scuffle when the NDMC raids occur which are a weekly feature, the whole market gets turned upside down and a huge commotion occurs which is economically tiring for the vendors but utterly entertaining for the shoppers. Denims can be purchased for Rs 200 also, just ensure that you check the apparel before purchasing it.



Shopping can be a tiring experience. Hence, the Sarojini Nagar Market offers you a variety of food and drink options to keep you going. Shyam Chaat Stall earned more popularity after the 2005 terrorist attacks in which Sarojini Nagar Market was one of the ill-fated locations, the shop has amazing chaat and golgappas(Panipuri) which refresh you during your shopping spree. Khatta-Meetha is a good eatery to enjoy some delish snacks. Also, Amar Jyoti Restaurant offers a great menu at reasonable prices and is especially recommended to non-vegetarians.

There are many other eateries which offer inexpensive and filling food items that are a favorite of local Delhi-ites. Also available are healthy munching options like corns and bakeries where fresh baked goods can be found. The newly opened multi-level parking also has many eateries such as Dominos, Subway, Mc Donald, Haldiram’s, a Punjabi Restaurant called Rang De Basanti, roll mall and other eateries which are good for a munch on the go.


Spiritual Cleansing:

The Hanuman Temple in Sarojini Nagar Market is very old and many devotees flock the market for the Monkey God’s blessings as well as a side serving of some shopping. Also, the Shani Mandir has an untamed allure of its own and people from faraway places visit the market for the temple.


Babu Market and Sabzi Market:

Babu market(part of Sarojini Nagar market) houses the famous Mahindra Sweets where people can be seen lining up for the delicious samosas and jalebis and also various other titillating food items. Babu market has many clothes shops and also a watch repair shop (which is a dying trade).
The vegetable market (Sabzi bazaar) has a huge variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Many shoppers who come to Sarojini Nagar Market for some weekend shopping end up buying the vegetables being unable to avoid the allure of the vegetable market. Especially enchanting is the variety and freshness of the vegetables which are at a much more reasonable price than that of those found in shopping centers. It is an entertaining and stress-busting experience to be able to see in front of you the quality of the product and haggle over the price of fruits and vegetables.

Sarojini Nagar Market is a ‘must shop at’ for those of the female persuasion specially, because of the mind-boggling variety (from a guy’s perspective) of the apparel available to choose from. Take a trip to Sarojini Nagar Market to have fun bargaining and to titillate your senses with the amazing and vibrant experience.

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