Swaroop by Swati Bhatia

Delhi is the beautiful amalgamation of modernity and culture, the blend of old and new, capturing the hearts of everyone who resides in this city. Embodying this fusion, Swaroop by Swati Bhatia is launching a brand new store this summer.

Swaroop is a brand that has since it’s conception found the perfect organic balance of Indian roots and the ever-evolving modernity. Launching seven new elegant and stunning collections, cultural in inspiration and modern in presentation, ranging from Indigo to Adivasi, the exquisite craftsmanship of this brand is sure to capture the hearts of each customer who would walk in this store!

The beauty of Swaroop lies beyond the collections; with the intricate details that one would encounter when entering the store. The store splendidly designed with bamboo shelves and stands, white textured walls, and wooden furniture is sure to transport you to another dimension! The glowing pink neon light which reads “#I wear culture” inserts in the store the element of modernity along with the natural finishing, acknowledging the era has arrived when the younger generation flaunts their own culture. The collection on the bamboo shelves includes Indigo, ikat, Lakhnawi, Adivasi, applique work, Madhubani, and kalamkari.

You can get a peek at the collection in their new store at 53/6, Old Rajinder Nagar, 110060.