Unzkaari by Shifa Rais

In the world of digitalization and e-commerce, there are many brands and labels that prefer to start the clothing line online first. So this time we got an opportunity to meet Shifa Rais, the founder or a label Unzkaari. She has started selling her designs online and soon going to launch her first store in Delhi. In the small conversation, she gave a little insight into her label Unzkaari.


How would you describe your Label Unzkaari?

The name of our label describes our passion and dedication to each and every design that we create. ‘Unz’ in Urdu means love and ‘Kaari’ means skill hence when we put together these two passions, we get a design created with love. In the offering, Unzkaari is ready to wear brand offering both western and Indian wear. Each design is created, keeping in mind the Indian body type and sensibilities of Indian women. We offer pocket friendly designs that can be dawned with any women with confidence and elan.


Which type of audience/shoppers should definitely visit your store?

We do not have a store at present and currently operate mainly through popular e-commerce platforms such as – Ajio, Flipkart and LBB. Anyone who is looking for a good blend of fusion and style can visit our collection on the above sites. The designs are peppy yet elegant and do not cost a fortune to acquire.


What type of Collection do you have?

We have a good mix of Indian, western, semi Indian and fusion wear. We put a great deal of effort in keeping ourselves updated on the upcoming trends and studying the color palettes which is reflective in our collection.


What is the price range of your designer outfits?

Our starting prices are as low as INR 399/-


What type of ambiance you have created at your store?

As mentioned earlier, currently we are only operating through e-commerce websites but are working to open a store in Delhi to begin with.


How did you end up being a designer?

I always had a fascination for fabrics and designs. Despite having studied commerce through my schooling my passion for creativity with clothes never left me and when it came the time to make the career call I chose to study fashion designing at Pearl Delhi.


What is the favorite part of being a fashion designer?

The very power to create and add something new every single day is what makes me love my choice of being a designer. There is no limit to creativity, the very reason allows you to paint a different canvas every day with whatever you want. Designing doesn’t limit your skillset in a box or a particular set of manuals and that’s one of the most important aspects of working for me.


Which designers have been the biggest influences on you?

I admire Aneeth Arora’s designs.


What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

I believe the fashion industry is much bolder and fresh now than it has ever been. You see new faces and names every day. Even though the industry per se is much larger in size and volume but with the internet and social media shrinking the world in a phone, it is relatively easier to showcase your talent and makes an impact. Having said that again, at the end of the day it is the hard work and your passion that will dictate how and where your career heads towards.


How can users know more about your label? Website and social media handle?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unzkaari.official/
LBB: https://lbb.in/shop/m/unzkaari-1447944795123
Website: www.unzkaari.com
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