Studio XLNC by Anjali & Ruchika – West Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Studio XLNC at West Punjabi Bagh is a boutique for today’s women. You will find classical essential outfits to Indian and western outfits at Studio XLNC. The price of the designer outfits starts from Rs. 4000.

In the small talk with Kahajaun, the co-founder Ruchika gave us inside info about her label Studio XLNC.


How would you describe your label Studio XLNC?

Studio XLNC sells outfits for today’s women. The outfits are sassy yet classy matching the style women want to carry today for all occasions or events.


What type of audience/shoppers should definitely visit the Studio XLNC store?

Studio XLNC attracts women looking for some unique styles and color combinations in their wardrobe. We believe our customers are those women who want to be perceived as confident, stylish and fashion-conscious – Today’s women, irrespective of their age.


What type of collection you have?

From classic essential outfits to stylish Indian and western outfits, Studio XLNC matches the style priorities of every wardrobe for today’s women.


What is the price range of your designer outfit?

Western wear 4k to 10k
Indian wear 9k to 34k


What type of ambiance have you created at your store?

Studio XLNC believes in working with its customers. Therefore, the store’s ambiance is welcoming, comfortable and warm for the customers to pick their styles and colors and have open discussions with us to cater to their specific style needs.


How did you end up being a designer?

Developed interest in fashion designing without any formal training to specifically cater to the visible vacuum in the fashion outfits market 18 years back. With my entrepreneurial skills and partnerships, developed designer outfits that were specific to market needs.


What is the favorite part of being a designer?

Most of us are well acquainted with the role that colors play in our lives both physically and emotionally. As a designer, I love using the psychology behind various colors which evoke a specific mood mix it with fabric and style to come up with an outfit for today’s women.


Which designers have been the biggest influences on you?

Mr. Tarun Tahiliani


What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

Making fashion affordable and available for all. I believe the fashion industry should make styles and trends available to all at the right price point to prevent irrational pricing making “fashion” perceived as an expensive commodity.


How can the user know more about your label? Website, social media handle and store address?

Store Address & Contact Details: 49/43, West Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.
Contact Number: +91 9810694643, +91 11-45073537


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