Sui Dhaaga by Shweta Sharma, Noida Sector 37
Sui Dhaaga by Shweta Sharma is an Indian traditional outfit studio located in Noida Sector 37. They are specialized in hand embroidery and ethnic wear, looking at the demands of the customers Sui Dhaaga has also ventured into fusion and Indo-western outfits. The designer outfits at Sui Dhaaga by Shweta Sharma starts from Rs. 7000 and goes up as high as 7L. If you are planning to visit Sui Dhaaga then please take the appoints first as Shweta Sharma believes in handling the customers personally.


In a small talk with KahaJaun, Shweta the founder and owner of Sui Dhaaga by Shweta Sharma gave insights about her label.


How would you describe your label Sui Dhaaga by Shweta Sharma?
Sui-Dhaaga at its core is an Indian traditional outfit studio. We specialize in hand embroidery and ethnic wear. In the recent past, we have also ventured into fusion and Indo-Western outfits, keeping in mind the evolving taste and needs of our clients.

Which type of audience visits your store?
We have a very niche clientele. If we were to delve into the demographics, it is essentially the Sec-A+ and Sec-A category which is completely urban and has an evolved taste as far as their outfits are concerns.


What type of collection do you have at Sui Dhaaga by Shweta Sharma?
Like I mentioned, at our core, we are a traditional Indian outfit studio. We take pride in our nuanced and meticulous hand embroidery. However, with the changing demands of our clients, we have also ventured into fusion and Indo-western outfits

What is the price range of your designer outfits?
We begin at around INR 7000 and some of our outfits, mostly bridal, can go up to INR 6-7 lakhs.


What type of ambiance you have created at Sui Dhaaga by Shweta Sharma store?
It is essentially a studio and the focus is on making the clients comfortable. A significant part of the business depends on a better understanding of the needs of the client. Hence the studio provides as a place which allows for free-flowing conversations which allow me to understand them and their needs better.

How did you end up being a designer? 
I do not hold any relevant degree. I never did any professional course which allows me to be a designer. However, I always had a passion for designing which starts but is not limited to outfits. A few years back I gave this passion and myself a chance. I was fairly well-settled in life with my kids have grown up enough to allow me some time to focus on this. And once I did manage to find my footing, I made it a point to not look back.


What I the favorite part of being a designer?
While this might be subjective, my favorite part is to know and understand my clients better. A fair chunk of my business is around bridal outfits. Knowing how special an occasion like a wedding is to the bride and other ladies of the house, it feels like an intimate affair – knowing their needs, understanding their aspirations for their big day – it feels really nice.

Which designers have been the biggest influence on you?
My biggest influence has come from Sabyasachi Mukherjee. While there are other designers as well whom I follow, nobody has had as much influence as Sabyasachi.

What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?
The fashion industry in India is growing. The more we open ourselves to the western culture, the more influence it has on the industry. While I don’t intend to change this pattern, I would definitely want us to hold on to our roots more strongly. I genuinely believe that India offers great diversity in terms of both the material and the artwork and we should take pride in it.

How can users know more about the label?
Users could connect with Sui Dhaaga by Shweta Sharma over Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Arun Vihar, Sector 37, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301