Sher Mandal, Purana Qila, Delhi

A highly-attended spot for people who want to gain experiences, students mainly from the architectural backgrounds, history buffs, photographers and wander lust-ers. The Sher Mandal was basically used by Babur who used the place as a personal observatory space and as Library by his son Humayun. The red stoned tower is also known as the first observatory that was successfully built by the Mughals in Delhi.

Named after Shah Jahan but structurally designed by the Mughals, PuranaQila’s one of the two surviving structures, Sher Mandal is a tad bit further away from the majestic entrance gate. The octagonal form of this architectural piece has two stories and is supported by 8 strong pillars, made of red sandstone and white marbles. It is present inside the high-end citadel of Din Panah.

Sher Mandal is the place where on the January 24th, in the year 1556, the great emperor Humayun was knocked down from the second storey, and died two days later due to his fatal injuries. As this incident took place in the library, the entry is forbidden.

The inside contains some leftovers of destroyed decorative plasterwork and shelves that were used by Humayun to keep his books. There is also a marked spot where Humayun had fallen after slipping from the second floor and had died.

How to reach?

Address: Purana Qila, New Delhi 110001, India.

It is easy to reach this spot. The nearest metro station is PragatiMaidan (around 2.5 km). From there, a swift auto ride can take you to your location at the Sher Mandal.

Entry Fees-

It is rupees 5 for per Indian person.

It is rupees 100 for per foreigner person.


Duration lasts from 1 to 2 hours.

Other important details-

Other structures such as the KairulManzil and Lal Darwaza lies in the vicinity.