As the Delhi chokes with pollution, here are the 5 ways to keep yourself safe

‘Smog smog everywhere, not a drop to breathe’, yes, this is what we all are feeling and even saying. The air pollution level of New Delhi has reached dizzying numbers surpassing the level recorded last year. The life in New Delhi has certainly become a gas chamber causing cough, allergies and breathing problems due to inhaling of pollutants. Here are some of the must Dos to keep yourself safe from the Delhi smog:

  1. Face masks

The shops are running out of the face masks as the demand is soaring. First things first, do you know what kind of face mask do you require to combat the Delhi smog? If you are relying on those surgical masks available at the chemist shop costing INR 20, then you are as unsafe as an individual not wearing the face mask. Look for the disposable masks specifically made for combating air pollution that can filter out the dust, allergens, fumes and other pollutants. Click Here See the Right Masks


  1. Avoid going out

Completely avoid sending your kids outside for playing. With special care taken by the Delhi Government, with shutting down of the schools in Delhi & NCR for 3 days to protect the kids from harmful pollutants, make sure that the kids don’t step out. Engage them in indoor activities. For the grown-ups, make sure not to go out unless and until it is completely unavoidable. For the office-goers, there is no mercy!


  1. Avoid going to congested areas

None of us loves traffic jams, but the fact is that no Delhi road is jam free. But, there are a few roads that are congested and prone to heavy traffic jams. For a few days, consider adopting alternative routes which are away from heavy traffic. If you just can’t avoid the congested areas, opt for Delhi Metro, which is certainly better as you don’t get to inhale the harmful pollutants present in the air while travelling.


  1. Clean your ACs and buy air purifiers

The indoors are also not safe as the same air that is circulating outside gets settled down in the home. You can go for air purifiers which will shell out the neat air for the entire home, but it does come at a cost. The air purifiers range between INR 4,000 to INR 80,000. Also, make sure that the air purifier present in the AC is clean in order to get clean air. Click Here to See Right Air Purifier


  1. Stay healthy

The air pollution can lead to a number of skin and respiratory ailments. Thus, it is of great importance to boosting the immunity to fight the diseases. Make sure to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins that have entered the body. If you are suffering from a cough, cold or any respiratory ailment, take ginger and honey for instant relief. Include all green vegetables, which are rich in Vitamin A in your diet. Consume orange juice or lemon juice to keep yourself hydrated.