Ahinsa Sthal Delhi

Ahinsa Sthal means “Place of Peace” or “Place of non-violence”. The Ahinsa Sthal is a Jain Temple which was established in 1980 near Qutub Complex on MG Road. The main god of the temple is Lord Mahavira, the 24th and very last Tirthankara (human spiritual guide) of the current half round of time.

In this busy life sometimes you want to rest in tranquil and peace Ahinsa Sthal is one of those uninterrupted & peaceful spots in Delhi.


Architecture of Ahinsa Sthal

The massive and magnificent 13 feet 6 inches high statue of Lord Mahavira in Padmasana (Lotus Position) adds glory to the temple. The statue of Lord Mahavira was engraved out of granite rock in Karkala and it weighs about 30 tonnes. The elevation of the lotus podium is 2 feet 8 inches and it weighs about 17 tonnes. The statue is placed at the apex of a small hill. On both side of the statue placed on guard two brutal lions adding up the impression of the structure.

The stone carving and architecture around the statue is excellent. It is enclosed by a huge green area with a stone pathway to walk on decorated with different boards that have a range of little poems preaching Lord Mahavira’s philosophy written on them. Ahinsa means peacefulness & it is so named since this is what Mahavira lectured & followed.  It is a photographer’s delight and the ideal surroundings for meditation. The place furthermore has a history as a British bureaucrat named Thomas Metcalfe created a lighthouse at this point. That’s why the place is also recognized as Metcalfe Battery House.


How to Reach Ahinsa Sthal?

Ahinsa Sthal is located at Anuvrat Marg, Christian Colony, Mehrauli, New Delhi-16. The nearest metro station to the place is Qutub Minar (yellow line).


Entry Fees and Timings

Entry to this place is free of cost.

The place is open for all days of the week and the referred timings are 10 am to 5 pm.