Amrit Udyan/Mughal Gardens, Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi – Date, Time & History

Mughal Garden now known as Amrit Udyan is the most beautiful garden in Delhi, It is spread in 13-15 acres of area and is located in President estate, Delhi. The Garden opens for the general public from February to March every year.

Amrit Udyan is a beautiful garden located in the Rashtrapati Bhavan complex in Delhi, India. It is famous for its stunning Mughal-style architecture and lush greenery. The udyan boasts a variety of flowers, trees, and fountains, making it a popular spot for nature lovers and tourists. It is open to the public during the spring season, making it a must-visit destination for those looking to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mughal Garden/Amrit Udyan 2024 Date, Time & Ticket – Udyan Utsav

Udyan Utsav 2024, the vibrant flower fiesta at Amrit Udyan, Rashtrapati Bhavan, welcomes the public from Feb 2 to Mar 31, 2024. Spanning 15 acres, it’s the heart of Rashtrapati Bhavan, featuring East Lawn, Central Lawn, Long Garden, Circular Garden, and newer developments like Herbal-I, Herbal-II, Bonsai Garden, and Arogya Vanam. This year’s edition dazzles with Tulips, Daffodils, Asiatic Lily, Oriental Lily, and 100+ Rose varieties.

Mughal Garden Amrit Udyan Delhi - Kahajaun

Amrit Udyan will Open from 10 AM to 5 PM (closed Mondays), special visitation days are planned.

Attractions for Everyone: Explore Bal Vatika, a special garden for children, featuring a 225-year-old Sheesham tree, a treehouse, and a Nature’s classroom. Marvel at Bonsai, Circular Gardens, and relish refreshments at the vibrant food court.

Amrit Udyan Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Closed on Mondays)

Mughal Garden/Amrit Udyan Special Visitation Days: Feb 22, Feb 23, Mar 01, and Mar 05, 2024

Entry Fee at Amrit Udyan: Free of cost

How to Reach: Nearest Metro to Amrit Udyan: Central Secretariat Metro Station (2.0 Km), Shivaji Stadium Metro Station (2.0 Km)

Shuttle Service: Free shuttle service available from Gate No. 4 of Central Secretariat Metro Station

How to book ticket for Amrit Udyan Delhi 2024? Visitors have two convenient ways to enter the Amrit Udyan – through Online Booking and Direct “Walk-in.” For Online Bookings, individuals can easily access the official Rashtrapati Bhavan website at On the other hand, “Walk-in” visitors need to register at the Registration/Information Centre or use Self-Service Kiosks situated outside Gate No. 35. Online Booking slots become available 10 days prior to the intended visit date, allowing hourly reservations. To complete the online booking process, a mandatory mobile number is required, permitting only one booking per number. Each reservation can accommodate a maximum of 30 visitors, ensuring a streamlined and organized experience for visitors to the Amrit Udyan.

Amrit Udyan opening Date? Amrit Udyan welcomes visitors from February 2 to March 31, 2024.

Amrit udyan/Mughal Garden timing? The Garden are open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM(Closed on Mondays).

Are there special visitation days during Udyan Utsav 2024? Yes, on Feb 22, Feb 23, Mar 01, and Mar 05, 2024, the gardens will be exclusively open for differently-abled persons, defense forces, women, tribal women’s SHGs, and children of orphanages.

Is there an entry fee Amrit Udyan? No, entry to the gardens during Udyan Utsav is free of cost.

What are the attractions for children at Udyan Utsav 2024? Children can enjoy Bal Vatika, a specially curated garden with a 225-year-old Sheesham tree, a treehouse, and a Nature’s classroom.

How can visitors reach Amrit Udyan/Mughal Garden using the metro? The nearest metro stations are Central Secretariat Metro Station (2.0 Km) and Shivaji Stadium Metro Station (2.0 Km). Free shuttle service is available from Gate No. 4 of Central Secretariat Metro Station.

When is Amrit Udyan closed for maintenance during Udyan Utsav 2024? Amrit Udyan remains closed on Mondays for maintenance and on Holi on March 25th, 2024, for a Gazetted Holiday.

What is the opening date of Udyan Utsav 2024? Udyan Utsav 2024 opens on February 2, 2024.


History Mughal Garden/Amrit Udyan:

Mughal garden - Kahajaun


Mughal Garden now Amrit Udyan, Delhi was built by Sir Edward Lutyens and William Mustoe, they brought the Mughal style and english flower garden style together. It took them 10 years to finish the complete design of the garden, they finished it in 1917 but the plantation was done in 1928-1929. Sir Edward Lutyens took the inspiration from the Mughal Gardens located in Jammu and Kashmir and gardens surrounding the Taj Mahal.

Architecture and Beauty of Amrit Udyan/Mughal Garden:

Mughal Garden Delhi - Kahajaun
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The Mughal Gardens now Amrit Udyan at Rastrapati Bhavan Delhi is divided into 6 sections: Long Garden, Circular Garden, Rectangular Garden, Musical Garden, Herbal Garden, Spiritual Garden

1. Over 159 varieties of roses
The Roses are named after famous places like Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Oklahoma (also called black rose) and many more. The roses are also named after famous peoples across the globe like: Mother Teresa, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Mr. Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth and many more. There are Roses that are named after Arjun and Bhim, from the Mahabharata. There are many other flowers which are named after famous sportspeople, like David Beckham, Tiger Woods and etc.

Mughal Garden Delhi - Kahajaun
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2. Over 60 types of Bougainvilleas and Over 70 types of seasonal flowers.

3. Over 50 types of trees, shrubs and vines.

4. Grass that cover the Mughal Garden is from Kolkata, the grass is called doob.

Mughal Garden Amrit Udyan Delhi - Kahajaun
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5. It has a total of 4 water channels, with 2 channels running from East to West and the other two from North to South. These channels divide the garden into a grid of square.

6. There is a total of 6 Lotus shaped fountains on the crossings of the channels.

7. There 10,000 Tulip which are imported from the Netherlands in eight different colors.

Mughal Garden/Amrit Udyan Delhi - Kahajaun
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The Rashtrapati Bhavan gardens or the Amrit Udyan have undergone change over time, with roses being a main attraction. However, each resident of the Bhavan has left their unique imprint on the garden. For example, C Rajagopalachari, the last Governor General of India, made a political statement by plowing the land during a time of food scarcity and dedicating a portion to food crops, now known as the Nutrition Garden or Dalikhana, which grows organic vegetables for the Bhavan’s consumption. President R Venkatraman added a cactus garden due to his fondness for them, and APJ Abdul Kalam added theme-based gardens such as the musical and spiritual gardens.

To wrap up, the Amrit Udyan or the Mughal Garden in Delhi showcases a mesmerizing blend of nature and traditional Mughal design. It provides a tranquil oasis away from the city’s fast pace, with an array of beautiful flowers, foliage, and fountains. If you’re in Delhi during spring, this garden should be on your itinerary.

Amrit Udyan Utsav-II Aug. 2023 Date & Ticket price

Amrit Udyan Utsav-II KahaJaun

Amrit Udyan, located within the prestigious Rashtrapati Bhavan, is set to welcome visitors once again from August 16, marking its second opening this year. Previously accessible from January 29 to March 31 as part of Udyan Utsav-I, the garden attracted an impressive footfall of over 10 lakh visitors. Now, for the first time, the garden will open its gates for the second time in a single year. The upcoming Udyan Utsav-II promises to showcase the vibrant blooms of summer annuals to all visitors, and government school students will have the privilege to explore the museum free of charge during this event. It’s a delightful opportunity for nature enthusiasts and history lovers alike to experience the beauty of Amrit Udyan and the grandeur of Rashtrapati Bhavan

  • What are the dates of Amrit Udyan Utsav-II? Utsav-II will take place from August 16 to September 5, 2023, with the exception of Mondays.
  • What are the timings of Amrit Udyan Utsav-II? The visiting hours for Utsav-II are from 10 am to 5 pm. The last entry to the garden is at 4 pm.
  • What is the ticket price of Amrit Udyan? Entry is free of cost. Visitors can enjoy the garden without any ticket charges. But one need to do the registration.


Mughal Garden/Amrit Udyan opening Date 2023 & Ticket price

In 2023, the Amrit Udyan or the Mughal Gardens at Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi will be open to the public from 31 January to 31 March, 2023. Entry in Mughal Gardens is free for all. However, The Garden will be closed on Mondays for maintenance, Mar 1-2 for G-20 meeting, and Mar 8 for HOLI. Timings of Mughal Gardens, Delhi is 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with last entry at 4PM. Entry is allowed only through online booking. The nearest metro station to Mughal Garden/Amrit Udyan is Central Secretariat.

Online booking opens 10 days in advance and allows only 1 booking per number with a maximum of 30 visitors. Entry to the Gardens is through Gate No. 35 on North Avenue Road with a digital visitor pass and government ID. The exact address of the Mughal garden/Amrit Udyan is Gate Number 35, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Near North Avenue, New Delhi 110004.

Mobile phones are allowed, while food, paan, gutka, cigarettes, backpacks, cameras, and video cameras are not.

Points of interest in UDYAN UTSAV 2023 at the Udyan include a 200-year-old Sheesham tree, Herbal, Bonsai, and Musical Fountain Gardens, East and Central Lawns, Long and Circular Gardens, and a Food Court.

Note: Mobile Phones are allowed in Mughal Gardens.

Details of Mughal Gardens 2022 – Date, Time and Tickets:

In 2022 the Gardens was open for everyone from 12 Feb to 16 March.

Mughal Gardens delhi Timings

Details of Mughal Gardens 2020 – Date, Time and Tickets:

In 2020 the Gardens was opened for everyone from 5 Feb to 8 March, 2020. Entry in Mughal Gardens was free for all.


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