Kumar Ki Chaat Par

A murder mystery captivating the ages long war between our personal  desires & the society. We have evolved from letters to landlines to mobile phones but something that hasn’t evolved are the society norms. There are rules set for us to live, genders have been designated their limitations, rights & duties. But what if one wants to listen to the heart’s voice and try to fulfill his/her personal desires, will the society allow that? We always love the idea of an idealistic world but are we all the idealistic human beings for the world we desire.

A story about friends, couples, misunderstanding, secrets & parties that celebrate these virtues with their baton holders.

When Khannas throw a farewell party for Vipin, a common friend of Khannas & Kapoors; things start getting out of hand as Vipin is accused of Kumar’s murder. Kumar, an innocent adolescent boy & the youngest in the Kapoor family. Things go out of hand as Vipin discloses a secret, accusing the sister in law of Kumar for his murder.

This blame game at a party unveils the societal issues of gender limitations, the pressure of being an idealistic human being & the dark secrets that we all keep to fulfill our desires. While we forget that this society will be the ultimate judge for us to survive through.

Witness a gripping mystery on stage unfolding many truths about the society that is relevant today even after four decades when eminent playwright & author Madhu Rye wrote this play in Gujarati by the name ‘Kumar Ni Agashi’ and was staged with veteran actress Sarita Joshi and rocked the Gujarati theatre circuit due to it’s bold storyline.

Translated in Hindi by Ms. Pratibha Aggarwal, KUMAR KI CHHAT PAR will be staged in Delhi on 21st Dec, 2019 at Little Theatre Group, Mandi House.at 7 pm.

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