Madhubani Art Qorkshop by Avinash Karn
ARTH, a project under the banner of Enactus IIT Delhi is organizing a unique Madhubani Art Workshop, this Sunday(18th July, 3-5 pm)!
Madhubani Art is an ancient style of Indian painting practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar, but in modern times this artform is fading from our homes and minds. Arth aims to work toward this problem by raising awareness and re-introducing this art form into our homes, and our hearts. In the workshop, attendees will be exploring nuances of this magnificent art form directly from a world-renowned artist: Avinash Karn, and applying the learnings on a stunning, eco-friendly wall clock as a FREE DIY (Do-it-yourself) kit will be home delivered to them after the workshop.️
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