Sugandha Design Pret/Couture – Pitampura, Delhi

Sugandha Design is the store for ladies who are looking for designer outfits, anything from the wedding dress to formal wear. The price range of the outfits starts from Rs. 9500. The Sugandha Design store is located at Pitampura.


In a small talk with KahaJaun, Sugandha gave insights about her label and her Pitampura store.


How would you describe your label Sugandha Design?

 Free-spirited. According to me, every woman has multiple facets; she is bold and fierce but at the same time, very feminine and dainty too. And that’s where we draw a bead on. Further to this, there’s a keen, meticulous eye which strives at deriving perfection and balance in every piece. Hence on the whole, my label is an apparent representation of who a woman with discretion and warmth is.


Which type of audience/shopper should definitely visit the Sugandha Design store?

 As a brand, we have an enormous love for classics, over trends that are timed-out even before they reach out to the masses. And owing to that fact, a poised, ageless piece of apparel is what does the interaction every single time. So, if you are someone who wants to buy a piece and keep it for a real long time, to take a call on your inventiveness, you got us.


What type of collection do you have?

 We deal in both Indian pret and Indian couture. Be it the pre-wedding rituals, or the D-day outfit, a teeny-tiny Rakhsha Bandhan celebration, or a grand Diwali get-together, a relaxed brunch dress, or an epoch-making dinner set-up- our collection is wide-spread in semi-formal and formal wear.


What is the price range of your designer outfits?

 The outfits are given an affordable quotation. So, they start from 9,500/- and could go anywhere higher up depending upon the needs of our clients in Indian bridal wear. The basic idea behind all the designed outfits is to provide no plain vanilla, whatsoever.


What type of ambiance you have created at Sugandha Design, Pitampura store?

 Well, I have been fascinated by the shabby chic, French vintage culture, and that was the concept behind the store too. But it has a tinge of florals, hand-embroidered logos, prepossessing lilacs and lavenders merging into mustards and ivory. It’s all buoyant, relaxed, romantic and feminine(obviously).


How did you end up being a designer?

 It was in the 4th grade, when I had developed the fancy of designing outfits for me and the people around me. I used to just randomly, out of sheer love do it. Interestingly, I still have those notebooks. But then one day, I happened to watch Ritu Beri’s interview and that’s when I decided, this is what I want to be. In fact, post the higher secondary, I just prepared for NIFT, New Delhi. No plan-B, no backup, just THIS!


What is the favorite part of being a designer?

 When you become what you’ve always dreamt of and when you actually design to provide satiety to your clients, it is a surreal feeling. And that has to be the favorite part of me being a designer. Those moments, when I actually witness my clients getting emotional at the sight of their dream outfits being created, and when they are twirling in happiness. I just fall in love with my profession all over again.


Which designers have been the biggest influences on you?

 This field of ingenuity has some invincible talents. But off-late, I am awe-inspired by Iris Van Herpen who is fusing technology with traditional Haute Couture craftsmanship. I think she is absolutely phenomenal with her craft. Other than that, I also behold admiration for Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anamika Khanna and Sahil Kochhar, as they have an impeccable eye for portraying Indian heritage at its absolute best.


What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

The fashion industry, though humongous, still has a major drawback which is keeping up with sustainability. We need to really bring back the time where men and women used to invest in timeless pieces and wore it multiple times before finally passing it on to the younger generations. These fad trends create a huge hindrance in the betterment of our planet. We need to have more conscious thoughts and actions put into the world of fashion, and that’s where I want to aim at.


How can users know more about your label Sugandha Design Pret/Couture?

 The users can find us on Instagram with the handle Sugandhaofficial and on Facebook with the account name They can follow us and keep up with what’s happening- the events, the launch of new pieces, and all the information about the upcoming collaboration with prominent stores at Delhi, we are planning to hold a place at.




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