Purana Qila / Old Fort, Delhi

The founder of the Suri Empire, Sher Sha Suri was the founder creator of the Purana Quila. It is one of the oldest forts in Delhi and is visited by tourists throughout the year. The Purana Qila was completed by Sher Shah’s son Islam Shah.

The fort was again re-decorated by Humayun. When Humayun got defeated by Sher Shah, he renamed the fort and added complete structures into it. In the present day, the site is used for numerous theater productions, cultural events, and concerts.It is renowned for the daily light and sound presentation after sunset. The monument is one of the best places for photography and you can capture the well sophisticated architectural epitome.

Its profound presence and undeniable majesty have been the causes for its popularity among movie directors and dramatists. The River Yamuna which flows by the fortress acts as a moat and adds a touch of supremacy to the building. Tiny boats dock on the lake outside the fort which can be accessed through four gateways that overlook the four main directions.

The greyish brown walls that spread endlessly beside the lake have within its embrace mosques, an observatory, museum and a library. All these structures have been in existence for centuries as was revealed by the many excavations that have taken place. The coins, pottery, and artifacts indicate that the Indraprashastha, the kingdom of the Pandavas indeed prospered at this venue. In memory of this, a tiny village existed within the confines of Purana Qila, named Indrapat till the beginning of the 20th century.

How to reach?

Purana Qila is located 4km from Pragati maidan, New Delhi. One can avail the services of Delhi metro anMetro nearest metro station is Pragati maidan station.

Entry Fees –

The official entry fees are Rs 5per person for Indians.

Whereas it is Rs 100per person for foreign tourists.


The normal visiting hours are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Other important details-

Soon this fort will be eventually turned into an open museum by ASI, which will be covered with glass and people will be able to walk over it.