VadaPav Junction

If you were under the impression that Vada Pav was a delicacy confined within the boundaries of Maharashtra, you are wrong. We introduce to you, Vada Pav Junction – A tiny outlet at Satyaniketan in New Delhi, serving one of the best Vada Pav’s on the planet. Vada Pav Junction does not only serve the native Maharashtrian dish in New Delhi but takes the fast food cuisine to a level never imagined before.

Owned by its proud creator Rohit Sharma, Vada Pav Junction literally has recreated the snack that until now was the simple fried potato patty stuffed between two ‘Pav’ or breads. The outlet mystifies you with Maggi Vada Pav, Omelete Vada Pav, Paneer Vada Pav and not to forget The Chocolate Vada Pav. Can you believe that? The place, however, sticks to the authenticity of the dish and provides the simple Masala Vada Pav and Cheese Vada Pav as well.

Such variety out of just one single food item in a tiny outlet is astonishing enough. But where Rohit Sharma flies victories is the pricing. The Vada Pavs here cost you anything between 30 and 90 Indian rupees. Yes, you read that right. The costliest item from their menu is just 90 bucks.

Our recommendations from the menu include the Maggi Vada Pav and Classic Cheese Vada Pav. The Chocolate Vada Pav is definitely worth a try for its sheer uniqueness.

So Delhites, go beyond the Momos and Chowmin. Treat yourself to variety. Try the Vada Pav Junction.