The Treat, Rajesh Khanna Food Van, Chankyapuri

Have You Heard Of The Rajesh Khanna Food Truck Yet?


Being a die hard fan requires continuous flow of immense love in a focused direction pointed towards the one whom you consider nothing less than the almighty. One such die hard fan is Vipin Oberoi, the proud owner of ‘Sun Chick Caterers – The Treat’. Also known as the Rajesh Khanna Food Van.


Just behind the Jesus and Mary college lies this tiny food truck that celebrates one of the greatest Superstars of Bollywood that ever lived. We are speaking of Mr. Rajesh Khanna. The Food Truck is less of a truck and more of a permanent establishment. Many say that it was Rajesh Khanna himself who had gifted the food truck to Mr. Vipin Overoi. The Reason? The Superstar considered Mr. Vipin to be nothing less than his son. The Food Truck is a delightful sight on its own with images of Rajesh Khanna all over the place. With not an inch to spare, The Treat gives you a glimpse into the astounding bond that a superstar shares with his fan.


During the night, the place turns into a land of celebrations as music from the era of this Superstar fills the air as the young and the old order food from the van and consume them either within the safe vicinity of their cars or outside, enjoying the beautiful night sky alongside the glittering lights of the Food Truck.


If you completely blown by the dedication of a Man towards a Superstar, you can learn more about the truck or this fan. You can actually speak to Mr. Vipin Oberoi during the dinner timings and he will only be delighted to present to you his album of memories. This album is a sight that is an experience understandable by anyone who has idolized a human enough to worship him.


Though a tiny affair, The Food Truck serves cuisines ranging from Mughlai to North Indian to Chinese with wide variety for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians. The place serves some finger-licking delicacies with Chicken Lollipop and Boneless Fish Fry being a perfect option. For the Vegetarians, The Crispy Chilli Soya Chaap should do the magic. The menu is large and spoils you for choice.


This Rajesh Khanna Food Truck is not only a foodies destination but a perfect stop to ponder about the bond of a true hero and his closest fan. There are a few departments where we believe the truck could have done much better. The Food Truck could do with a little seating arrangement and better management especially during the day time. We hoped for a catchy, twisted menu but the menu ended up being a sheet of printed paper.


This Food Truck has been visited by Rajesh Khanna a countless times and many other celebrated Bollywood actors like Shatrughan Sinha, Raj Babbar etc.. too grace the place with their presence whenever they arrive at Delhi. Make a visit very soon and who knows, you might get to meet a Superstar!


Visit and be fascinated.

Where? – Behind Jesus And Mary College

Cost For Two – 500