Talaqi Darwaza – The Forbidden Gate, Delhi

Also known as the “Forbidden Gate” Talaqi Darwaza is the northern gate of the Purana Qila. Due to the folklore of how the subjects were not allowed to open the gate until the king returned victoriously, this gate has never thus been opened after the king passed through it. It is the third gate of the site, made up of red sandstones and the two bastil towers situated are of white marbles. The Talaqi Darwaza is two stories in height.

The third in the troika is the Talaqi Gate which is otherwise called the Forbidden entryway and barely do individuals get permitted to go towards that side. Each door is twofold stories and is flanked by two or three semi-round bastion towers. They have additionally been embellished with white marble decorates and are done well with overhanging galleries.

The site has turned out to be a standout amongst the most well-known and a revered destination in the entire of Delhi and keeps on attracting swarms tremendous numbers. Not just has it built up itself as a terrific visual exhibition additionally has made a specialty for him. The construction is one of the best there yet was in and still holds that pride that the Mughals were recognized for.

How to reach?

The nearest metro station for reaching your destination is Pragati Maidan. From there, a swift auto ride can take you to your location at the Sher Mandal.

Entry Fees-

The entry fee is rupees 5 for per Indian person.

The entry fee is rupees 100 for per foreigner person.


The tour mostly takes around 1 to 2 hours around the Purana Qila. Going through the fine architecture of the crafty gate will take some of your time, especially if you are an adventurer, a history geek, an architectural student or a photographer.

Other important details-

One of the several gates of Delhi, belonging to the 8-20th centuries, it has the Bara Darwaza as the south gate.