Begumpur Mosque/Masjid, Oldest and Strongest Mosque of Delhi

Begampur Mosque or Masjid is the Oldest Mosque of Delhi. The Mosque is located in Begampur Village near Malviya Nagar. The Entry in Begampur Mosque/Majid is Free.

Considered as one of the oldest and strongest Mosques in Delhi, the Begumpur Mosque was constructed by Khan-I-Jahan Maqbool Tilangani, the Prime Minister during the rule of the Tughlaqs in Delhi. It said to be patterned on an Iranian design planned by Zahir al-Din al-Jayush an Iranian architect.

Begampur masjid or mosque
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Begumpur Mosque is famous for its 64 domes with a height of 9 feet, these domes have been a place where the locals and tourists hang out during the sunset or at twilight. It has prayer corridors on all three sides.  This mosque is a grand example of Bharatmukhi mosque type and it is the only example which is present in the country. As per the historical books, this mosque was built as a miniature fortress, but settlers from the nearby areas moved in the mosque and ever since then it was inhabited by civilians. This mosque is the grand collaboration of red-stone and white marbles and you can easily witness a wonderful view once you enter this mosque.

How to Reach?

This mosque is located in the Begumpur, Village in Malviya Nagar. You can get down at the Hauz Khas metro station (1 km away) and take any vehicle going to the Outer Ring Road or Abdal Nassal Marg. The nearest bus stop to this region is Laxman Public School.

Entry Fee

No payment is required to get entry into this mosque. You can explore the area without putting a pressure on your wallet.

Time Required

On average, 1 hour is sufficient to completely explore this area. You can enter the mosque at any time between the sunset and sunrise and explore its different areas.