Global Tourism Mission 2024 Delhi – Date, Venue & Schedule

The Global Tourism Mission 2024 will take place in Pragati Maidan in Delhi from June 28 to 30, hosted by the Inventivepreneur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ICCI).

The ICCI Global Tourism Mission 2024 serves as a catalyst for igniting cross-border synergies across a diverse range of industries. Tour operators, travel agents, wedding planners, and entertainment professionals will convene alongside investors, airlines, educational institutions, and hospitality leaders. Representatives from both Indian and international governments, along with business associations and promotion councils, will also participate. This gathering fosters meaningful discussions, paving the way for collaborative partnerships that will strengthen economic ties.

Exploring Diverse Tourism Sectors

The mission will spotlight various sectors pivotal to the tourism industry’s growth:

  • Spiritual Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Culinary Tourism
  • Educational Tourism
  • Wellness/Medical Tourism
  • Wildlife Tourism
  • Rural Tourism
  • Cruise Tourism
  • Film Tourism
  • Ecotourism

Global Tourism Mission

Key Highlights

  • Networking Opportunities: Participants will engage in networking sessions, business presentations, one-on-one meetings, and panel discussions aimed at fostering partnerships and sharing industry insights.
  • Exhibitions and B2B Meetings: Pavilions showcasing tourism products and services will attract interest and facilitate B2B interactions.
  • Educational Sessions:Industry trends, best practices, and new opportunities will be explored to enhance participant knowledge and skills.
  • Investor Engagement: A dedicated Investors Meet will focus on attracting investment for business acceleration and growth.
  • Recognition: Outstanding achievements in the tourism sector will be honored through Business Awards.


Expected Participation

The event anticipates a gathering of 2,000 visitors, including representatives from 15 participant countries spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. International and Indian stakeholders, ranging from government bodies and tourism departments to hotels, resorts, airlines, and cultural organizations, will converge to explore collaborative opportunities.


Schedule of Global Tourism Mission 2024:

The event kicks off on June 28 with registrations starting at 10:00 AM, followed by a ceremonial lamp lighting by ICCI’s leadership and dignitaries at 10:30 AM. A cultural performance will set the stage for a series of special announcements and speeches, including a welcome address by ICCI management and keynote presentations by esteemed guests.

Throughout the day, attendees will engage in networking sessions over coffee, participate in panel discussions on innovative solutions for tourism, and attend business presentations focused on attracting investment. The afternoon will feature exhibitions and B2B meetings where participants can explore tourism products and services, sign MoUs, and visit startup pavilions showcasing emerging industry trends.

A highlight of the day will be the Business Awards ceremony at 4:15 PM, recognizing outstanding achievements in the tourism sector. The day concludes with a closing speech and announcements followed by a special dinner for leaders, high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), government officials, and sponsors from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

On June 29, the event continues with a full day of expo visits, startup showcases, and additional business presentations by international governments and industry leaders. Networking sessions and a networking lunch will provide further opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

June 29 and 30 will also feature visits to various tourism parks, herbal parks, industrial parks, and heritage sites, offering selected international businesses insights into India’s diverse tourism offerings and potential investment opportunities.

ICCI’s Global Tourism Mission 2024 promises to be a transformative event, bringing together over 2,000 participants including representatives from 15 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This gathering aims to strengthen economic ties, foster cross-border collaborations, and drive sustainable growth in the global tourism sector.


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