Shangri-La Eros New Delhi Presents Chef Piyush Menon’s Goan Cuisine Pop-Up at Tamra

From June 20 to June 22, 2024, Shangri-La Eros New Delhi’s Tamra restaurant will host a captivating culinary event featuring Chef Piyush Menon’s interpretation of authentic Goan cuisine. Known for his meticulous approach to blending aromatic spices, fresh ingredients, and traditional cooking methods, Chef Piyush Menon promises a dining experience that celebrates the flavors of Goa with contemporary flair.

Guests at the exclusive pop-up can indulge in a diverse array of appetizers, including Prawn Rissois, Konkan Fry Fish, and Jackfruit Cafreal, setting the stage for a gastronomic journey through South India’s culinary heritage. Main courses like Chicken Gassi, Fish Goan Curry, and Pork Vindaloo showcase the depth and richness of Goan flavors, complemented by vegetarian options like Caldinho Curry and Mushroom Xacuti.

For dessert, patrons can enjoy the traditional sweetness of Bebinca or the creamy indulgence of tender coconut pudding, rounding off a meal that promises to delight both seafood aficionados and fine dining enthusiasts alike.

The event is scheduled for both lunch and dinner buffet services at Tamra, with prices set at INR 3,000 plus taxes per person for lunch and INR 3,200 plus taxes per person for dinner. This presents a unique chance for diners to delve into the vibrant culinary heritage of Goa, meticulously curated by Chef Piyush Menon in partnership with Chef Pin.

Shangri-La Eros New Delhi invites food connoisseurs and those passionate about exploring new flavors to join this exclusive culinary experience at Tamra, where Chef Piyush Menon’s Goan cuisine promises a memorable dining adventure.


About Chef Pin:

Chef Pin operates as a prominent platform for home chefs and home bakers in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, providing convenient pre-order and same-day delivery options. It acts as a centralized marketplace where patrons can discover and purchase authentic, locally prepared meals from a variety of skilled home chefs. The home chef pop-up series is a platform that enables both aspiring and experienced culinary professionals to present their regional delicacies to a wider public audience.