Mehrauli Archeological Park – The Uninhabited Beauty Of Ruins

If you think you have seen all of Delhi, think again. Mehrauli Archeological Park lies very close to the Qutub Minar metro station yet is not on every tourist’s map. Even the auto-rickshaw walas are not all completely aware of the place and the first ride took us to Mehrauli bus-stand.  What is even more surprising is that the entire park stretches on to 200 acres and lies adjacent to the Qutub Minar World Heritage site and still is not popular enough. Known more commonly as the tomb of Jamali Kamali, Mehrauli Archeological Park has much more than that and is a must visit place for the photographers, history enthusiasts and experience seekers. To make things interesting, the most popular of the attractions, The Tomb Of Jamali Kamali, is haunted. Beat That.

Consumed by ruins dating as back as the medieval period i.e 11th century A.D to the 19th century, the place contains the ruins of Lal Kot that was built by Tomar Rajputs. Moving a little ahead in time, Mehrauli Archeological Park is the house of the Tomb Of Balban, Tomb Of Khan Shahid, Rajoi Ki Baoli, Gandhak Ki Baoli, British Agent Sir Thomas Metcalfe’s Guest House and of course the more famous Jamali Kamali. Apart from these ancient relics, Mehrauli Archeological boasts of vast greenery and few mosques as well.

The Mehrauli Archelogical Park has no sign-board naming the place, instead a rusty vertical signboard with instruction welcomes you. As you dwell into the path and take the first right curve, you will reach the Jamali Kamali and thus your visit begins. Do not give up on the messy, unmaintained surroundings or the human encroachers settling inside the area. Try to look into all directions to have a clue of what tomb or relic to visit next.

Mehrauli Archeological Park might be the only place of historical importance in New Delhi where entry costs you nothing and a worthwhile visit calls for food to be carried along. What came as a surprise was that every monumental structure had at least two security guards at the place. The place requires a long walk that can go on for the entire day. If it is your mission to visit every of the attractions, a tiring day is on the cards. The place befits a photoshoot and carrying a camera along is recommended. Choose a pleasant cool day for a better experience, summer days can ruin your experience.

What To Remember :

Carry Water And Snacks

Prepare To Walk And Climb Rocky Paths And Steep Steps

Dress Appropriately

Keep Track Of Time

Recharge Your Batteries

Love Delhi