Top Haunted Places Of Delhi – Where Fear Feeds On Fear

New Delhi, the capital of our beloved country is gargantuan of a cosmopolitan city where dreams have every possibility of coming true. This city has something to offer to everyone and has a knack for being in the news every day probably until the end of time. With this urban city being the city of fast life and ferocious power, it comes as a surprise that the place has not ruled out the possibilities of the parallel world. The city is a marvel to behold with an impressive history of wars and freedom struggle all taking place right here. But just as we would love to continue glorifying the city, we better alarm you of the darkness beneath the hustle-bustle. The fear beneath the darkness. And the horror that lies beneath this fear. We introduce to you the 17 Top Haunted Places Of Delhi – Where Fear Feeds On Fear.

  1. Dwarka Sector 9, Metro Station

Have you driven on the road across the Dwarka Sector 9, Metro Station? You might have noticed a huge Peepal tree that kind of stretches onto the busy road. The road itself is curved around the tree in order to form a comfortable path for the drivers. Now here is the story.

This tree is haunted. As usual, it is a woman that haunts the place. Many call-center vans crossing the place have informed others of a woman making an appearance. Many others have claimed that the place during the night produces a strange atmosphere of dead silence that invokes fear. Some have even informed about being slapped by a strange force. Now this sure feels spooky. If this was not enough, the woman seems to have ways of her own to torture those whom she pleases.


  1. Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal was one of the hunting lodges constructed by Feroz Shah Tughlaq and during the 1600s this place was a community house for the people of Malcha village. Today, Malcha Mahal is surrounded by the Delhi Ridge which already is infamously known to be haunted. But what exactly makes Malcha Mahal so specifically horrifying? Let’s tell you the story which was not long long ago.

In 1985, Begum Wilayat Mahal of Awadh took over the Malcha Mahal after it was handed over to her by the Indian Government. In 1993, at the age of 62, Wilayat Mahal committed suicide. How exactly she did she do it is spooky as hell. She had consumed crushed diamond and killed herself. For 10 long days, the body lay on the table while her kids, a son and a daughter, mourned her death relentlessly. She was then buried in a respected manner but only to be dug up by certain robbers, who had hoped to find some treasure. While the robbers had to go back empty-handed, Begum Wilayat’s son chose to burn her body instead of burying her back. Now, this is a lot of drama but people claim that the place is haunted precisely by the Begum and possibly by her children as well. Surrounded by the ridge, Malcha Mahal is definitely scary.


  1. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli is now a famous spot for every Delhite, thanks to Bollywood for that. Protected by the Archeological Survey Of India (ASI), Agrasen Ki Baoli is a monument with no specific historical background. While some believe that it was built by King Agrasen during the time of Mahabharata, there is no substantial proof to prove it. The 103 steps well is made of redbrick and as you climb down the stairs you can witness the noise disappearing and an eerie silence enveloping you. A look at the roof as you reach downstairs can give you the creeps as what you witness is an unimaginable number of bats all resting comfortably.

Now, why exactly is Agrasen Ki Baoli supposedly haunted? The place is said to be a well that contained dark waters. The waters called out to people in a whispering fashion so irresistible that one had to sacrifice himself into the black waters of death. The myth has been carried forward and many have claimed that such forces still get to work during the hours after dark. Be Careful you explorers.


  1. Mutiny Memorial In Kashmiri Gate

Built in the memory of all those Indian and British, who had fought in the Delhi Field Force, also known as the Sepoy mutiny, the Mutiny Memorial is located at Kashmiri Gate. The haunting of this place is disturbing and you need to hold your heartbeats for this one.

People have claimed witnessing limbs and severed body parts wriggling about this memorial. Witnessing chopped-up limbs is a spooky sight that not everyone is prepared for. But we are nobody to vouch for such horrifying claims.


  1. Delhi Cantonment

Referred to as the Delhi Cantt, the Delhi Cantonment was established in 1914. Today, Delhi Cantonment houses the Indian Army Headquarters, Army Golf Course, Army Schools etc but the road to Delhi Cantt is not an easy one. A lady in white they say, she asks for the lift they say, you choose to ignore they say, she chases you till you meet fear for your life they say.

Delhi Cantonment has lush greenery on the either sides of the long road and meeting with your fear at the dark hours can leave you horror-struck for a long long while. Many have claimed meeting this women in white. When one refuses to offer her lift, she chases the car in unexplainable speed. The woman is said to be the ghost of a lady who had met with an accident here and had lost her life. Some who have agreed to please the lady by offering her lift have stated her sudden disappearance after reaching the destination. While it is a story heard by all in the city, we would like to accept it to be nothing but rumours. But then, who knows? It might all be TRUE.


  1. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal, Jhandewalan

Close enough to the Jhandewalan metro station, Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal is another of the hunting lodges during the Tughlaq era. The place is said to be housing many spirits and even today people have gone on record to make claims of witnessing unnatural activities here. Bhuli Bhatiyari anyhow remains one of the great places that Delhi has for avid photographers and certainly for the explorers.

While the locals staying around the ridge have stayed in terror of the spirits staying here, not all agree to, what they call rumors While many places have stories of their own, we would want you to make a visit here. The place is hungry for some attention is my guess.


  1. Sanjay Van

Situated near Qutub Minar is this dense forest spread over 10 km. Sanjay Van can give you the creeps right as one dwells into the greenery of the otherwise silent place. The forest situated in the capital is clustered by numerous graves and ruins of the Delhi of the previous era. Many who have dared to penetrate into the forest during the night claim to have witnessed a woman clad in white behind the trees. The woman is said to have been appearing and disappearing in no time, giving visitors a run for their breath.

Some also claim to have heard sounds of evil laughter and heart-wrenching cries. The thick trees turn this place dense and one needs to give it a good thought before entering into the place. A woman in a white saree is cliche. But the reality is the perfect example of cliche.


  1. Karbala Graveyard, B.K. Dutt Colony

Karbala Graveyard is a burial ground built especially for the Shiite community and lies very close to the Jor Bagh metro station. Located at the B.K Dutt colony, to be precise, the graveyard is now not in use. The last person buried here was way back in the 1980s and in the current period, it is a place where the Shiite mourners arrive to pay their respects to Imam Husain Lbn Ali, a martyr who met his end during the war of Karbala, which is now in Iraq.

While during the day, the place can be appreciated for the auspiciousness attached to it, during the night the place is rather filled with haunting silence and eerieness of suspicious movements. You have the sounds of the birds making their way back home on to the trees and even the noise of the fast moving vehicles of the city fails to settle down the fear that quickly envelopes the place.


  1. Khooni Darwaza

When two of Bahadur Shah Zafar’s surviving sons and one of his grandson were executed by British Officer William Hudson, he chose one of Delhi’s 13 surviving gates. Yes we are talking about Khooni Darwaza and after learning the historical importance of this monument, one does not want to question the name given to the place.

Bahadur Shah Zafar’s sons Mirza Mughal and Mirza Khizr Sultan along with the grandson Mirza Abu Bhakt were shot dead right here about more than a century back. But what makes the tale gritty is that the three Princes have not actually left the place for real. People have claimed hearing screams, inexplicable noises of heart-wrenching cries. Some have even gone to the extent of stating that the roof of Khooni Darwaza bleeds at a certain time. While things cannot get creepier than this, one as a visitor is pleased that the place requires only a few minutes for a quick visit.


  1. Chor Minar, Hauz Khas

Been to Hauz Khas? Ya Sure. Been To Chor Minar? Not so sure? The place lies on the way to every Delhites’ favourite hangout place Hauz Khaz. But the fact that the place is said to be haunted has nothing to do with the ignorance it receives from visitors.

Anyways, this little tower like structure is decorated with holes all around the monument. But these are no ordinary holes. These holes were formed by spears that bore the heads of thieves who were slain as an act of punishment during the rule of Ala-Ud-Din Khilji. Now things get worse. These dead thieves get active during the night, creating an atmosphere you will not want to witness. Or it is just what people have cooked up. Some even claim that the sight of the spears bearing the heads being nailed on to the walls of the monument can be revisited during the wee hours of the night. Please No!


  1. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Situated on the Bahadur Shah Zafar road and at close proximity to the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium lies the abode of the Djinns. A spooky place where it is claimed that Djinns arrive to make or destroy the destiny of those who seek refuge and entrust their beliefs on them. Built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354, the fort is currently a ruined site. Though this place of historical importance gets very few visitors, the place is a site to behold and worth a visit for the photographers and explorers of the city.

During Thursday’s, this place turns into a place of worship and people are seen writing letters to Djinns, lighting candles, incense sticks and doing much more to impress the Djinns and get their wish to come true. The place does have a spooky feel to it and not everyone will be comfortable being here. The place has an adjoining Masjid and the Ashokan Pillar that was shifted all the way here.


  1. Jamali and Kamali Mosque and Tomb

Mehrauli Archeological Park is a beautiful place. Every photographer’s destination, the place is worth a visit for every traveller and history enthusiast. But not all that shines has to be gold. Jamali and Kamali Mosque and Tomb is one of the major attractions of the Park and it is here where things get really scary.

The story of two Sufi saints being buried feels like a pleasing tale of life coming to an end after a worthwhile stay on earth. But the tomb of Jamali and Kamali, our two renowned Sufi Saints is far from being just a pleasing site. Many visitors have claimed to experience violence in broad daylight. While some have been pushed and slapped for reasons best known to the ghosts, some people say that they have heard strange noises of animals from within the mosque. To add to the eeriness quotient, you have voices of women laughing in a manner to mock the human preys of the ghosts.


  1. The Ridge

With almost, every monument in and around The Delhi Ridge have a spooky past and a gory history to tell, the Ridge just had to be in the list of the Most Haunted Places Of Delhi. For starters, the Ridge has no network coverage and the area is not exactly open to all so it is probably best for you to stay away.

Many visitors who did happen to visit The Ridge have spread the word of caution about the presence of a British Man, who moves around The Ridge in a fashion that feels like he is just doing his duty. Although this ghost is said to be a harmless one, we just remembered Casper here, the place also has other not-so-friendly spirits ready to cause harm. I would sincerely want you to stay away from this one.


  1. House No -W 3 in Greater Kailash 1

If you thought bollywood was making a fool out of you all this while, you were on the wrong. An abandoned house with a dark history of murders. A house that one cannot dare to enter the gates of due to the fear of the souls floating in between the two worlds. The eerie wailings and chilling noises of pain. This is not the setting of a classic Bollywood horror movie, we are talking about House No – W 3 located in Greater Kailash 1, in our very own metro city, New Delhi.

The house that currently is said to be facing property issues has been abandoned for years now. An old couple was found dead, lying in an underground water tank in the house. Now many years after their mysterious death, the place still houses them and shelters them with a promise of immortality after death. We are not the ones saying it.


  1. Khooni Nadi

You might have noticed a river that flows across Rohini region in New Delhi. Well, it probably is haunted. Though we have no proof of it, the locals do not take a while to make claims of the river already claiming several lives. Apparently none who dare to enter into the river makes it back safe or alive. Death is the punishment for those who dwell in the world of darkness.

The Khooni Nadi is said to be housing a strange force that literally engulfs humans right into it. Although many accept that such deaths are only cases of accidents but fear opposes logic and the river has earned a name for itself – ‘Khooni Nadi’. When translated, it is called Bloody River. Bloody, it has proved to be.


  1. Karkardooma Delhi Court

How many of you remember watching the news as the presence of paranormal existence showing it’s signed in all its might during the late hours in the Karkardooma Delhi Court was being telecast all across? The video showed computers turning on by themselves and a white shadow moving across the room.

While nothing substantial was made out of the video, many lawyers and employees of the Karkardooma Delhi Court do favour the claims and maintain that the place does reflect unnatural existence time and again. After watching the video last year, we cannot come to any conclusions either.


  1. Lothian Cemetery

Did you any time wish to take some time out and visit the cemetery that lies very close to the Kashmiri Gate metro station? If not, now you will never. Lothian Cemetery is more famous as the Nicholson Cemetery as it is the place where the great British general was buried. Nicholson was a charismatic personality himself and had inspired many to join the army. He had become the subject of many literary works including Rudyard Kipling’s well-known novel ‘Kim’. Lothian Cemetery is one of the oldest in the city and is where the British soldiers and their families received the royal burial. But what exactly is Lothian Cemetery famous for?

Of course, it is the presence of the ghosts of these British Officers. Some have explained that they had witnessed headless men walking across the cemetery while some have kept it little subtle by claiming the presence of a silent whisper behind your shoulder or a person with no form following you until you exit the place. While the place continues to be a fine destination for photographers, the place does have an eerie silence lingering around that is followed by mysterious sounds of horror.


Leaving aside its dense population, Delhi is sprinkled by such mysterious attractions. While very few of them get our attention, it is no harm paying a visit to these places. The adventure freaks can definitely try covering these places, at their own risk of course. We are not saying that these places are in fact haunted. But we are not denying the claims either. If you are an explorer, just take the metro, or a private vehicle and kick-start the journey and conquer your fears.

Hope you make it back alive. Good Luck!