Alkauser Chankyapuri – A Heaven for Kebabs Lovers

If looks were deceptive, Alkauser could easily epitomize the proverb with the simple van like structure as their location.

Located right outside the Assam Bhawan in Chanakyapuri, Alkauser opens on the time allotted, 4:30 pm to be precise. Alkauser takes pride in serving non-vegetarian delicacies of a vast variety and shows some mercy for the vegetarians. The place serves just four dishes for the vegetarians and each of them is cooked with perfection.

Be it the Paneer Tikka or the Soya Bean Chaap or Tandoori Aloo for that manner, each bite is delicious and keeps you hungry enough to get you to dig into the next bite. The Biryanis are other favorite options, especially for takeaways and Man! Are they tasty? Served in three ‘Dum’ styles, Mutton, Chicken and Vegetables, the biryani seldom goes wrong and Alkauser maintains its pride with its prestigious style of preparations.

Coming to the best of this place, you just have to hog into the Mutton Kakori Kebab. Alkauser specializes in Kebabs and a bite into Kakori Kebab will make your visit to Alkauser worthwhile. Apart from the Kakori Kebabs, you have other varieties of Chicken and Mutton Kebabs, each enhancing your visit to this ambiance-lacking but rich in taste place. And if you are here for some quick bites, do not shy away from ordering some rolls. You will be impressed.
For all the non-vegetarians, the place is a must visit and as far as the vegetarians are concerned, do come for Paneer and Chaap. You will be a fan of the food here.

Where: Chanakyapuri, Near Assam Bhawan
Specialize In: Non-Vegetarian Delicacies
What To Have: Kakori Kebab, Rolls, Biryani, Paneer Tikka, Chaap (Basically Anything or Just Everything).