Dandelion Summer Edit 2019

The flower Dandelion signifies warmth and the power of the rising sun. Since a Dandelion can thrive in difficult conditions, it is no wonder that people say the flower symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s challenges, and this is exactly what describes Mukta Nandini Jain’s journey with Dandelion.

Mukta, Nandini Jain who believes in this saying by Estee Lauder “I never dreamt of success, I worked for it” is a befitting example of how hard work, focus, determination and real passion can take you places in Life.

Mukta Nandini Jain, the former President of FICCI Ladies Organisation and the founder of Sasvata, which aims at working for women and child development, with its main objective being helping women attain economic independence. Mukta who has now more than 3 decades of pursuing an interest and active participation in different genres of craft, art, design and textiles now brings to you Dandelion, a carefully curated lifestyle exhibition.

Mukta’s Dandelion is A unique exhibition where art, craft, design & fashion come together in a specially curated space which celebrates slow living through beautifully crafted artifacts, which are handwoven, handprinted and hand embroidered.

Why slow living we ask her?? And that Mukta says is the one thing we are loosing out in our fast-paced lives. She wants you to enjoy the beauty and the artistry in the creations and products on display at her exhibition. Real Beauty is a thing to cherish for ever.. and it’s only when you disconnect from today’s fast-paced world.. would you be able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty on display at her exhibitions!!

The success of Mukta’s first exhibition, Proved to her that there is an opportunity to pursue here, learning from her mistakes, and always looking at improving herself, And at the same time developing a keen eye for details in curating the right products, Mukta grew dandelion, by leaps and bounds. And now this April Dandelion holds its 11th show at Taj Vivanta.

Mukta Nandini Jain believes in promoting new and upcoming talent and giving them a space to display and showcase their innovative products at her exhibition Dandelion is now a respectable platform to launch new designers, labels, and brands.

Through each of its shows dandelion has religiously brought to the forefront NGO’s who are creating exemplary models of excellent quality & dignity to the thousands of women working with them, and at the same time giving them a platform and an opportunity to show to the world, the wonderful and creative products they are making.


Dandelion in its small format also brings to the forefront of young mompreneurs & also those women who have returned with a bang and are trying to find purpose in their lives. Each woman has a story that is her own & has created a special niche for her designs & talent. Alongside these leaders are young husband-wife teams who prove that marriage is compatible at work too.

The true success of your shows can only be measured when exhibitions are sold out and your exhibitors are sold out!! And that is what Mukta Jain manages to do each and every time. the response from Delhites to Dandelion is amazing.. and client eagerly wait for her show dates.

Mukta Jain owes the success of her journey to her family and feels that if you do make up your mind. dreams can come true….. We hope you are ready again to witness a Beautifully crafted and curated show arranged by Mukta Jain for you and your loved ones on Wednesday 10th April 2019, come and witness slow living through beautiful products.. we are sure.. you need this.

Date: Wednesday 10th April 2019
Time: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Venue: Vivanta by Taj – Ambassador, New Delhi