Jamali and Kamali Mosque/Tomb, Delhi

Those individuals who have been fascinated by the ghost stories and they want to explore such a region where the super-naturals prevail, Jamali-kamali tomb/mosque could be your next probable destination. Built-in 1528-29 by Humanyun, this mosque/tomb is an epitome of a sufi saint who lived during those days. You can get along with the Qutub Minar area as well when you have planned a visit to this place.

The Jamali-kamali tomb/mosque is known to deliver on the quest to explore the super-natural. The mosque is named after two Sufi saints, Sheikh Abdul and Sheik Sama-ud-din, these two persons have contributed towards the existence of this place.

The mosque has the name in the history because the poetry which is found in the Guru Grant Sahib has been associated with the works of Jamali. Most of the people have also said that they have experienced the presence of jinns and other supernaturals in this area.

How to Reach Jamali kamali Tomb?

You can reach the Jamali-Kamali mosque by taking the Delhi Metro on the Yellow line. You need to get down at Qutub-minar station and from there you can easily walk your way to the mosque. This mosque is not very tough to find.

Entry Fee Jamali Kamali Tomb ?

Entry at this holy shrine is free of cost. You can easily navigate through its different areas without paying a penny for it.

Timing of Jamali kamali Tomb ?

The premises are open for public discourse from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.