Madison & Pike Cafe – Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurugram

Madison & Pike Cafe at Sector 50, Gurgaon is an amazing American-style cafe. The price for 2 at Madison & Pike Cafe is Rs. 550. Read this to know about the ambiance & food of Madison & Pike Cafe, Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurugram.

In a small talk with KahaJaun, Madison & Pike Cafe’s Owners, Nitin Chadha & Ranjana Deopa gave more information about the cafe.

How would you describe Madison & Pike cafe in a line?

Owners: An American style – warm and cozy neighborhood cafe and bakeshop.


The Madison & Pike cafe is famous for?

Owners: Our Coffee, our signature cakes like Almond Ricotta Orange or Blueberry Crumb cakes. Our avante garde menu serving poke bowls to Peruvian roast chicken & more.


Who should definitely visit the cafe?

Owners: Anyone who loves to eat and drink. Our menu has something exciting for all age groups.


Tell us about the menu of the Cafe?

Owners: Our cuisine is inspired from the American culture with global influences such as Mexican, British & Italian. We are one of the few places serving All Day Breakfast in Gurgaon.


What would be the cost for 2 at Madison & Pike?

Owners: Cost for 2 would be approx Rs. 550

What type of ambiance you have created at the cafe?

Owners: We are a warm and cozy cafe where you can be comfortable and feel at home. Positive vibes is the first word to describe us and used often by our first-timers.


Address and Contact Details?

Madison & Pike Cafe, C 35, Nirvana Courtyard, Sector 50, Gurgaon.


If you were a customer in your own cafe, what would you order from the menu?

Owners: We would order our Sourdough Avocado Ricotta toast along with a slice of Tiramisu.


What inspired you to open a cafe?

Owners: Seattle town with Madison Street and Pike Street were the inspiration for the name. We took a leap of faith to create a true neighborhood American cafe and bakery.


How did you come up with the name Madison & Pike?

Owners: Inspiration was Madison and Pike streets which are famous in Seattle.


What aspects of the food industry would you like to change?

Owners: Raw material costs have to be more transparent. Our input costs have gone really high in the last year which have hit our margins hence if there was a way pricing and raw material availability can be managed better, it would be helpful for business.



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