Most Famous Street Food in Pushkar, Rajasthan

Pushkar the city of temples in Rajasthan is famous for its temples, fair and food. In this blog, we have listed the most famous street food in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The streets of Pushkar are full of food vendors wandering with a variety of food. You will find dishes ranging from authentic Rajasthani dal-baati-churma to kachori to the middle east falafel rolls. And “Sab Ek se baad kar Ek hai”.

Street food in Pushkar is sweet, tangy, ghee-dripping and very enticing. The food here is not just about tasting the local cuisines- it is a cultural experience! For the ease of all the travelers visiting Pushkar, We took a spin of some of the most famous street food joints in Pushkar, Rajasthan and here’s what we found!


Mohanji Bhujia Wale or Pushkar Chaat bhadar, Pushkar

One of the most famous street food joint and oldest shop in Pushkar is Mohanji Bujia wale. On the menu, they have kachori, samosa, Mirchi Wada, aloo Wada and bujia/pakodi. They serve all this with kadhi and a special chutney. The Kadhi which they have is different from north Indian kadhi. They don’t use curd, it is made from basen and water.

All the dishes are available in Rs. 15/plate. We have tried almost all and the best one was samosa with kadhi, “ye kha ke maza aa gaya”. If you like to try something different then don’t miss bujia/pakodi with kadhi. Mohanji Bhujia Wale shop opens for only 3-4 hours every day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
Price: Rs: 15/piece.


Ugma Ji Ki Kachori, Pushkar


Ugma ji ki Kachori is the most famous kachori joint in Pushkar, Rajasthan. This shop is located very close to the Rangji Temple. Ugma ji ki Kachori is famous for its Dal ki Kachori which is served with mango chutney.


Usually, aloo is used as filling in the kachori but Ugma Ji uses dal as a filling, which makes them different from other kachori walas. They serve fresh kachori which is crispy and topped with the special mango chutney which is sweet & tangy “Ohhooo kya Chutney hai”. The Ugma ji kachori wala shop opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 2:00 PM.
Price: Rs: 15/piece. The list of most famous street food in Pushkar is incomplete without Ugma ji ki Kachori.


Ganga Restaurant, Pushkar


There is no tourist who visits Pushkar and doesn’t enjoy the falafel roll from the Ganga restaurant. Located in the main Pushkar market, you will find a constant hoard of people outside this restaurant. Ganga Restaurant is known for its Laffa & Falafel rolls which is the famous street food of the middle east(Egypt, Turkey, Iran) but now its very famous street food of Pushkar also. You might have tried veg roll, chicken roll and nutella roll but falafel roll “inn sabka baap hai”.


Rolls from Ganga Restaraunt is one of the most famous Pushkar street food. They have a very long and detailed menu of rolls, they have over 20 types of falafel rolls. We tried the Ganga spl. and Tandoori Falafel roll. The Ganga special has 3 types of cheese topped with falafel. Whereas the Tandoori Falafel roll has all the veggies, mushrooms, falafel and their special garlic cheese. We liked the Tandori one you can pick according to your taste buds.
Price: Rs. 100 to 250/Roll.


Breakfast Corner, Pushkar


Just opposite to Ganga restaurant you can find this place which is the perfect spot for the people who are diet conscious or prefer fruits over fried food. This small shop serves delicious 5 fruit Museli which has curd, honey and 5 different fruits (you can select any 5 from the list). We have tried it and it was the right choice. “1 dum healthy and bhadia”. This is not like the most famous street food in Pushkar but if you are a diet conscious then you should try it.
Price: Rs. 150


Shree Karni Ma Karni Restaurant, Pushkar


You can’t miss authentic Rajasthani food if you are in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The Karni Mata restaurant is located next to the famous Brahma temple. Maa Karni Restaurant serves the best dal baati churma thali in Pushkar. They have 2 famous thalis i.e. Dal Baati thali and Dal baati churma thali. “Dil khush kar dia – sabse bhadia dhabe ka khana”.
Price: Rs. 140 to 170 /thali


Halwai Gali, Pushkar


There is a very famous halwai gali in Pushkar where you can find many sweet shops. The most famous dessert in Pushkar is malpua which is served with rabri. “Chaaro orr malpua he malpua”
Price: Rs. 20/Piece
Famous Shop: Laxmi Misthan Bhandar, Halwai Gali, Pushkar


Chai near Pushkar temple, Pushkar


This chai wala with the name of Internet tea is very famous in Pushkar, he stands in front of the Brahma Temple and serves masala chai in small khulad in Rs. 15. “Khadak Chai” 


Poha Pizza Pakwa

This weird combination of crisp pakwan topped with poha, dal, vegetables and sauce is very famous street food in Pushkar. It is located near vahara gali. “Kuch alag hai”.


There are many more street food joints in Pushkar but these are amongst the most famous once.


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