Best Cafes & Restaurants in Pushkar, Rajasthan

Pushkar in Rajasthan is the city of temples but these days it is getting famous for its cafes and restaurants also. Pushkar has over 50 Cafes & Restaurants. Its this blog we have covered the most famous or the best cafes & restaurants in Pushkar from rooftop to hippie to family restaurants.

Being the city of temples, Pushkar never disappoints the devotees. Pushkar has a lot to offer to the foodies as well from street food to cafes to fine dining, this small city of Pushkar will never let you down. Here is a list of the most famous cafes & restaurants in Pushkar, which are worth a visit.

Dessert and Rose Cafe Pushkar

Dessert Rose Cafe Best Cafes in Pushkar-Kahajaun

The first one in the list of famous cafes is Dessert and Rose Cafe, Pushkar, It is a Poolside cafe, located inside Gulaab Niwas Palace which is very close to Savitri Temple. The ambiance of the cafe has a lovely color scheme, a very interesting combination of brown and maroon. They have a wide collection of Indian history & travel books. Talking about the food, they serve delicious waffles and sandwiches. The cafe also offers stunning views of the city.
Gulab Niwas palace is a beautiful royal palace which is converted to the hotel now, So can book room also.
Must-Try: Waffles
Cost For 2: Rs. 400
Address: Hotel Gulaab Niwaas, Parikrama Marg, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022
Mobile No.: +919462961100


Un-Earth Cafe Pushkar

Unearth-cafe Best Cafes in Pushkar-Kahajaun

The next one in our list of best cafes in Pushkar is the Un-Earth cafe, it’s a hidden gem of Pushkar. It is a terrace cafe, which is situated very close to the Bhrama temple. The architecture of the cafe is the traditional Rajasthani style which is decorated with gorgeous graffiti designs, filled with joy, positive energy and fun. Its a good option if you want to chill, just grab a book from the shelf or your Laptop and enjoy it with a lovely view of the city. Cafe Unearth is a perfect spot for a photoshoot too. The cafe serves vegetarian and vegan food only, pancakes is something you must try at Unearth cafe Pushkar.
Unearth cafe is tucked inside the Moustache Hostel which is one of the best Backpackers and youth hostels in Pushkar.
Must-Try: Pancakes
Cost For 2: Rs. 500
Address: Moustache Hostel, Badi Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022
Contact No.: +91 7073177761


Mystic Lotus Pushkar

Mystic Lotus Best Restaurants in Pushkar-Kahajaun
The next one in the list of famous restaurant in Pushkar is Mystic Lotus Restaurant Pushkar, it is located just next to the Bhrama Temple. It has both indoor and outdoor seating options. The indoor seating has a beautiful canopy decorated with bright lights and candles. Another seating option is under the beautifully dangling moon i.e. the outdoor seating lawn which is very well decorated with the lights. And in the outdoor seating of the Mystic Lotus, you can also enjoy the folk dance performance which is organized every night by the restaurant. Mystic Lotus is famous for its Rajasthani cuisine especially their Rajasthani thali is something you gotta eat.
Must-Try: Dal Baati Churma Thali
Cost For 2: Rs. 1000
Address: Nimaj Haveli Nr, Brahma Temple Rd, Badi Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022
Contact No.: +91-9636360207


La Pizzeria Pushkar

La Pizzeria Best Restaurants in Pushkar-Kahajaun
Another restaurant in the list of best restaurants is La Pizzeria, Pushkar, it is situated close to Varaha Ghaat. Its a small courtyard cafe with really pretty decor, cozy & soothing ambiance and romantic vibes. La Pizzeria is heaven for Pizza lovers in Pushkar. They have a variety of wood-fired pizzas in the menu and the best part is you can even combine any 2 delicious pizzas in 1 and get it customized according to your taste buds.
Must-Try: Quattro Stagioni Pizza
Cost For 2: Rs. 850
Address: La Pizzeria, Varah ghat, Choti Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022
Contact No.: +91 9982475601


Coffee Temple Pushkar

Coffee Temple Best Cafes in Pushkar-Kahajaun
The next famous Cafe in our list is Coffee Temple Pushkar, it is a perfect spot for those who are looking for peace and tranquillity. From the rustic decor to the sunset view to the fresh coffee, it’s an escape from a busy and hectic life. You can easily find this cafe at Varah ghat. They have big open bay windows (jharokha) from where you can enjoy the view of the Pushkar lake and amazing sunset. The coffee temple is a small cafe that serves the best cappuccino in Pushkar.
Must-Try: Cappuccino
Cost For 2: Rs. 600
Address: Coffee Temple, Varah ghat, Choti Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022
Contact No.: +91 7730926012

Here are few other Famous/Best Cafes & Restaurants in Pushkar

The Sixth Sense Restaurant, Pushkar
Address: Choti Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

Laughing Buddha Vegan Cafe Pushkar
Address: Main Market Rd, Badi Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

Doctor Alone Ram Ghar Restaurant Pushkar
Address: Sadar Bazar, near Ram Ghat, Badi Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

Cafe Lake View, Pushkar
Address: Sadar Bazar 187, Badri Ghat, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

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