Paperjewelz – Jewelry Made from Recycled Paper

Paperjewelz is a jewelry label which use recycled paper to makes their designs sustainable fashion. The label has a wide range of collection from necklace to earrings to rings and the price starts as low as Rs. 200.

In a small talk with KahaJaun, Vrinda Gokhale the owner of the label Paperjewelz  gave more information about the label.

Paperjewelz Online Kahajaun

How would you describe your Label Paperjewelz?

Paperjewelz is a unique label with designs made from recycled paper. It’s very versatile and has universal appeal. Everything is handmade, most of it by the designer/artist of Paperjewelz.


Which type of audience/shoppers should definitely visit the label Paperjewelz store?

Paperjewelz is not limited to any age group. But the majority of the shoppers are women who prefer their individual style over trends.

paper earrings


What type of Collection do you have?

Statement necklaces are the bestsellers but I have a vast collection of earrings and rings. I also do custom orders for clients.


What is the price range of your designer outfits?

Paperjewelz starts as low as Rs. 200 and goes up to Rs. 4000, and some custom made pieces can be upto Rs. 10k.

Paperjewelz Delhi

What type of ambiance have you created at the Paper Jewelz store?

It goes best with a Flea Market Boho vibe. I mostly sell online from


How did you end up being a designer?

Totally by chance, it was a hobby that became a profession/passion.

Paperjewelz Earring

What is the favorite part of being a fashion designer?

Creativity and Freedom are my 2 favourites, and the constant growing and learning makes it better. With Paperjewelz there are no tutorials, no books… It’s something that has been created over 30 years through hard work and many experiments. It’s something that was embraced and enjoyed by many, people who keep coming back for more. I guess I love seeing people enjoy my work. I aim to make it beyond Perfect, Irresistible- i want it to feel magical!


Which designers have been the biggest influences on you?

My greatest influence has come from my mentors and my mother. My whole family actually.

Panchsheel Park kahajaun

What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

I would like to see more encouragement given to small scale local artisans. We have so much talent in our country. It is very difficult for them to get their work to a good retail outlet.


How can users know more about your label?

I’m in Panchsheel Park , New Delhi. Most of my collection is available online on Instagram handle is @paperjewelz_vrinda. Facebook Page- Paperjewelz.





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