Tittli Cafe – Sector 59, Gurugram/Gurgaon

The Tittli Cafe is a pet-friendly, family-run café in Gurgaon/Gurugram that is famous for its close-to-nature and vibrant ambience. The price for 2 at Tittli Cafe is Rs. 600. Read this to know about the ambiance & food of Tittli Cafe, Sector 59, Gurgaon.

In a small talk with KahaJaun, Tittli Cafe’s Owners, Alokk and Reenaa gave more information about the cafe.


How would you describe Tittli cafe in a line?

Owner: Set in lush green surroundings in the heart of the Aravalli, a family-run café with a relaxing ambience where you can enjoy and chill with your family and friends while we serve you delicious food and drinks.


The Tittli cafe is famous for?

Owner: Tittli Café is famous for its close to nature and vibrant ambience and decor providing a sense of relaxation, being pet friendly, super friendly staff and of course good food and amazing drinks.


Who should definitely visit the cafe?

Owner: Pet owners, nature lovers, people who are inclined towards arts and creative activities, musicians, cricket lovers as we are situated inside a cricket ground, people who love outdoor seating, food lovers, trekkers, cyclists, biker groups as we are at the starting point of a cycling and trekking track of the Aravalli which also has a hidden lake.


Tell us about the menu of the Tittli Cafe?

Owner: We have a vibrant menu at the café which is an amalgamation of street food, Continental, Pizzas and Pastas, desserts and drinks which include milkshakes, coffees, ice teas and mocktails as of now.


What would be the cost for 2 at Tittli cafe?

Owner: Rs. 600 approx


What is the inspiration behind the decor of the cafe?

Owner: We wanted the décor of the café to be as close to nature as possible (while adopting the principles – reuse, reduce and recycle), so as to provide a relaxing and chill atmosphere to the people coming here and give them a break from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.


Address and Contact Details?

Owner: We are situated at THE DOME, Sector- 59, Gurgaon.
Contact Details:
Phone Numbers – 9811192843, 9953007239
Email ID – [email protected]
Instagram – @tittli_cafe
Facebook – @tittlicafe


If you were a customer in your own cafe, what would you order from the menu?

Owner: Some of the things from which we would order from would be Chicken Sandwich, Potato Salsa, Crispy Corn freshly made Pizzas (which we make from scratch), Momos, Pao Bhaji, Cold Coffee/ Hand Beaten Coffee, Paan Mojito Mocktail and the Caffeine Kick Sundae.


What inspired you to open a cafe?

Owner: What inspired us to open a café was our passion for food and giving people a unique experience while they enjoy their food. We wanted to create something different from a regular restaurant or café and give a sense of belongingness to the people who come here and they can call it “their place” while enjoying with their family or friends.


How did you come up with the name Tittli?

Owner: We wanted the name to be as vibrant as the food and décor of the café and after much brainstorming and a cute encounter with a butterfly on a trek, we zeroed in on Tittli as the name of the café.


What aspects of the food industry would you like to change?

Owner: One thing which we would like to change in the food industry is to start giving more importance to fresh and healthy ingredients and hygienic preparations of the food.




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