16th Habitat Film Festival Delhi – May 2024

The 16th Habitat Film Festival, spanning from May 3rd to May 12th, promises an enriching cultural experience for Delhi’s cinephiles. Featuring a captivating lineup of feature films, documentaries, and short films from 2023-24, the festival offers a platform for film screenings, discussions, workshops, and more.

📅 Schedule of 16th Habitat Film Festival Delhi – May 2024:

May 3rd:

  • Film Screening: “Sthal / A Match” and “Berlin”

May 4th:

  • Workshop: Screenwriting by Ashwini Malik
  • Film Screenings: “Against the Tide,” “Ardhangini,” “B 32 Muthal 44 Vare,” “All India Rank,” “Char Adhyay,” and “The Swinging Seventies”
  • Book Launch and Panel Discussion: “The Swinging Seventies” book launch and panel discussion on Hindi cinema of the 1970s

May 5th:

  • Film Screenings: “Aattam / The Play,” “Mithya,” “Samanantar,” “And, Towards Happy Alleys,” “Chupi Roh/ Stay Quiet,” and “Gorai Phakhri / Wild Swans”

May 6th:

  • Film Screenings: “Kherwal,” “Deep Fridge,” “Brand Bollywood,” “Kaadhal Enbadhu Podhu Udamai,” and “Kasba / The Town”
  • Kumar Shahani Retrospective: Screening of “Kasba / The Town” introduced by noted actor Mita Vasisht

May 7th:

  • Film Screenings: “Shyamchi Aai,” “Bahadur the Brave,” “Kayo Kayo Colour?,” “Pari & Humare Beech Mein,” and “Nellier Kotha / The Nellie Story”

May 8th:

  • Film Screenings: “Bottle Radha,” “Follower,” “Nanda Master’nka Chatasali,” “Ka Chithi / The Letters,” and “Maya Darpan”
  • Kumar Shahani Retrospective: Screening of “Maya Darpan / The Illusory Mirror” introduced by Roshan Shahani

May 9th:

  • Film Screenings: “Avni Ki Kismat,” “Joseph’s Son,” “Nirvana,” and “The House of Baruas / Baruar Xongxar,” “Whispers of Fire & Water”

May 10th:

  • Film Screenings: “Guras,” “Outhouse,” “The Lotus and the Swan,” “Everyone is a Hero,” and “Neela Nira Sooriyan / Blue Sunshine”

May 11th:

  • Film Screenings: “Dhai Aakhar,” “Mhara Pichchar,” “Mon Potongo / The Mind Flies,” “Thadavu / The Sentence,” and “Rapture / Rimdogittanga”
  • Production Workshop: Sessions on investment, pitching, film distribution, and marketing strategies

May 12th:

  • Film Screenings: “Vaathiyar,” “Kaathal – The Core,” and “Joram”

🎥 Highlights:

  • Kumar Shahani Retrospective: Explore the visionary works of Indian director Kumar Shahani, known for pushing artistic boundaries in cinema.
  • Bollywood Memorabilia Exhibition: Step into the world of 1970s Bollywood with an exclusive exhibition curated by the National Film Archive of India.
  • Screenwriting Workshop: Delve into the art of screenwriting with renowned mentor Ashwini Malik.
  • Book Launch and Panel Discussion: Join the launch of “The Swinging Seventies” book and engage in a stimulating panel discussion on Hindi cinema.
  • Production Workshop: Get behind the scenes of film production with industry experts.

Experience the magic of cinema and celebrate the rich tapestry of Indian filmmaking at the Habitat Film Festival 2024. Don’t miss this immersive cultural extravaganza!

Habitat Film Festival May 2024 dates? The Film Festival will be held in Delhi on 3 to 12 May 2024.

Habitat Film Festival May Tickets? Entry in Habitat Film Festival May 2024 is free for all.


Regional cinema has seen a surge in popularity, especially with the rise of OTT platforms in India. Yet, long before this digital wave, the Habitat Film Festival (HFF) has been a steadfast supporter of diverse cinema genres. Now returning to the Capital for its 16th edition, HFF continues its tradition of championing cinematic diversity.

Over the course of 10 days, the festival will showcase a carefully curated selection of 40 feature films, 10 documentaries, and three short film sections. Today’s opening features the Marathi film “Sthal (A Match)” and the Hindi film “Berlin,” starring acclaimed actors Aparshakti Khurana and Ishwak Singh.

From cinematic marvels to insightful documentaries, HFF serves as a platform for filmmakers to share their unique stories and perspectives. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of cinema at the 16th Habitat Film Festival.


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