Daulat Ki Chaat, Chandni Chowk(OldDelhi) – The Delicious Wealth

New Delhi is surrounded by mysteries all around and we, who are seated right in the middle of such surrounding, cannot help but explore and fascinate ourselves with the results. One of the latest discoveries of the town happens to be the sumptuous, delicious, Daulat Ki Chaat.

Called Malai Makhan in Kanpur, Malayo in Varanasi and Nimish in Lucknow, these delectable bowls of treat are named Daulat Ki Chaat in the local lands of Delhi. Daulat Ki Chaat has spread its wings of fame and has reached the lanes and bylanes of Chawri Bazaar apart from the famous Daulat Ki Chaat of Chandni Chowk, Paranthe Wali Gali. Though you get to have them nowhere else but in the street of Old Delhi, their existence diminishes during the extreme summer months.

The Chaat is a labor of around 12 hours and every time you have a bite of this chaat, you get to consume the result of hours of hard work sprinkled with nature’s magic. The secret process of creating this gratifying bowl of sweetness involves boiling the milk, mixing it with cream and then cooling it down. The milk is poured in a clay pot and then left to cool in the winter night’s sky where the dew is soaked in by the creation. After several hours, say five to six, the milk is then churned to form a cloudy, cottony substance which is the treat you get to partake.

Khem Chand, Adesh Kumar, and his two sons have been ruling the lanes of Paranthe Wale Gali with three tiny carts serving little bowls of these mouth watering chaats. The family themselves seem astounded by the reactions they get from customers after having a bowl of their creation. It is these reactions that are stored as the wealth for Khem Chand Adesh and his sons. As you enter the narrow lane of Pranthe Wali Gali, you can sense a crowd excitedly glaring at the carts of, wait for it, cottony froth. Or that is what you will believe it to be. Once you actually get to taste the mysterious stuff, you will be dawned upon by the revealation that a delighted foodie understands after such discoveries.

In Paranthe Wali Gali, the Chaat is accompanied by a sprinkle of powdered sugar, flakes of dry fruits and lastly a touch of saffron that induces an aroma of happiness and color of distinctiveness. As you take a spoonful of the Chaat, you figure out that you are not biting into any thing but instead it is the tongue that senses the taste of pure delight and the heaven in your mouth urges you to take the next spoonful.

Location: Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk

Cost for one: Rs.50