Giani’s di Hatti, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

Giani Di Hatti is Legendary in terms of street food destinations of Delhi. Their specialization is the glass of, icey cold Rabdi Faluda that costs 70 bucks each. The Faluda is prepared instantly and it’s a sight worth beholding as you watch the staff breeze through the countless orders that keep pouring in.

During the weekends, the crowd here swells up like those in a temple. If you are new to the place you might stand amazed wondering why people are actually so crazy about this specific glass of sweetness from Giani Di Hatti. The typical glass will be loaded with a mixture of Faluda, Rabdi, Ice and Rose Water. Mixing it all up will give you the gem that is a pleasing experience right as soon as you take the first sip.

The desert is meant for those with a strong sweet tooth and if sweetness is not your cup of tea, you can have their regular flavored juices and shakes, which are again worth the bucks. Apart from these, Giani’s Di Hatti is popular for there delicious, homely ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’.

Giani Di Hatti occupies a prestigious spot as far as the street food of Delhi is concerned and we recommend it to anyone who dares to brave the Chandni Chowk crowd and thirsts for the best in town. These Chilling glasses of Rabdi Faludas can make your day and fill you with the strength to carry on yourselves during the busy hours in Chandni Chowk.

Where? Chandni Chowk

Specialised In? Rabdi Faluda

Nearest Metro Station? Chandni Chowk