Kanhaiyalal and Durga Prasad Paranthe Wala, Paranthe Wale Gali

If you have been eating Paranthas throughout your life prepare to change the very outlook of the dish that you have in your mind. The Paranthas at the ‘Paranthe Wale Gali’ claim fame not just among foodies but celebs of the country as well. Explorers from far and beyond the boundaries of the nation have ended up being her, savoring through the unique paranthas and returning rave reviews. One of the many popular outlets at the Paranthe Wale Gali is the ‘Kanhaiyalal And Durga Prasad Paranthe Wale‘.

After fighting through the crowd of Chandni Chowk and the endless stubbornness of the hawkers, you find yourself in a lane that has got its name after the delicious ‘paranthas’ served here. The gali is aptly called the ‘paranthe wali gali’. After walking a few hundred meters and taking a few turns, you find what they call the foodies destination. Tiny restaurants situated one after the other fill the entire gali and call out to the crowds without actually raising a voice of call. All these outlets share a single similarity of serving the iconic, legendary, Paranthas.

As you enter the Kanhaiyalal and Durga Prasad outlet, without wasting a sec, a plate is placed on the table. A vegetable, chutney, a gravey vegetable, and a banana hot and sour mixture decorate the plate placed before you. As you glance through the menu, never heard of Paranthas can get you thoroughly excited. Ever heard of Kaju Paranthas?

Make a choice or just choose anyone from the menu, the Paranthas here are impressive and tasty in a unique manner. Your first reaction after the ‘paranthas’ are served might match a child’s reaction after his first visit to a fair. As you go on to bite into the Paranthas they taste fantastic and feel unique. You can very well term the Paranthas as extraordinary or class apart.

For any visitor at Chandni Chowk, Paranthe Wali Gali is a must visit. For anyone in Delhi, visiting ‘Paranthe Wali Gali’ enters the to-do list. Here is a challenge, visit the place once. Now try ignoring Paranthe Wali Gali on your next visit to Chandni Chowk. Yes, that is how good the ‘paranthas’ are here.

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Where? Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk

Specialise In? Unique varieties of Paranthas.

Nearest Metro Station? Chandni Chowk