Label Aparna Khatter – Ambawatta Complex, Mehrauli

Label Aparna Khatter’s Designer Stores / Boutiques is located at Ambawatta Complex, Mehrauli. Aparna’s Indo-western, high-street culture, exaggerated are expressed through the medium of her clothes. The designer outfits at the label Aparna Khatter store are available from Rs. 5000 to 30000.

In a small talk with KahaJaun, Aparna the founder and owner of Label Aparna Khatter gave insights about her brand.

How would you describe your Label Aparna Khatter?

Seeking inspiration from music and the arts, our designs are very individualistic, fun, young , and effortlessly stylish. Remaining true to my essence, Aparna’s Indo-western, high-street culture, exaggerated are expressed through the medium of my clothes. Also, we are a couturier for high end customized outfits.


Which type of audience/shoppers should definitely visit your store?

We at Label Aparna Khatter, have different styles in our collection, such that there is something for every age group.


What type of Collection do you have at Label Aparna Khatter?

We deal in Indo-western and Indian outfits such as drape sarees, Anarkali, gowns, etc.


What is the price range of your designer outfits?

Designer outfits at Label Aparna Khatter range from Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 30,000/-


How did you end up being a designer?

I was into fashion styling since my college days, did internships in the fashion industry right after my school. I made my first business acquisition during my college days at the age of 19, I started up a small boutique where I started to explore her passion for fashion. Now I have my own outlet.


What is the favorite part of being a fashion designer?

Well, the honest answer is that I can fill my own wardrobe with all the fancy clothes of my choice. haha.


Which designers have been the biggest influences on you?

Sabyasachi and Papa don’t preach.


What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

I strongly believe that the fashion industry alters the minds of unconscious people, especially these days. With the rapid growth of fast fashion, people became more hypnotized by all the “trends” that the market offers in order to make a good profit.


How can users know more about your label?

You can search for us on Instagram and Facebook.
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1091/1 ward no.1 Ambawatta Complex, Mehrauli, New Delhi, 110030 (NEAR QUTUB MINAR)


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