Moonbroch Atelier by Kamalpreet Dhaliwal – Nirvana Country, Gurgaon/Gurugram

The Moonbroch Atelier by Kamalpreet Dhaliwal is one-stop-shop for everything from bridal and festive wear to party wear and office formals. Moonbroch empowers women by enhancing their individual style through personalized consultation and wardrobe solutions. Kamalpreet Dhaliwal has designed the studio interiors herself with a focus on experiential luxury reflecting their visual identity of classic yet hip and quirky styles. The Moonbroch Atelier is located at Nirvana Country, Gurgaon/Gurugram. The price range of outfits by Kamalpreet Dhaliwal ranges from Rs. 6500 to Rs. 80000.

In a small talk with KahaJaun, Kamalpreet Dhaliwal the founder and creative head of the Moonbroch Atelier gave insights about her brand.

How would you describe your brand Moonbroch Atelier?

The Moonbroch Atelier is an eclectic designer brand harmonizing timeless classics with edgy contemporary designs. Imbued with exquisite artisanal detailing, Moonbroch creations find their essence in the perfection of cut and craftsmanship – a magnificent confluence of empowering yet feminine silhouettes. From opulent occasion specials to distinguished work formals and dapper party looks, The Moonbroch Atelier is the definitive fashion destination for women. Customised Designs Created through Personalised Consultation – Moonbroch empowers women by enhancing their individual style through personalized consultation and wardrobe solutions. Customized creations are designed as per body type, lifestyle and specific needs. The brand has seen exponential growth in a very short time with clients being provided transformational makeovers. Moonbroch has led the way in building body positivity by including diverse women across age groups as models right from inception.


Which type of audience/shoppers should definitely visit the Moonbroch Atelier store?

Moonbroch caters to connoisseurs of design who are looking for creations that epitomise avant-garde fashion and those who want to experiment with new looks specifically designed for them.
It is meant for customers who want a one-stop-shop for everything from bridal and festive wear to party wear and office formals. Moonbroch caters to a discerning audience who appreciates the luxury of utmost personalisation since every visit to the design studio is by appointment only and every client gets recommendations basis a detailed in-person discussion.


What type of Collection do you have at Moonbroch Atelier?

The Moonbroch signature style transcends time, juxtaposing the dreamy and ethereal with a strong persona, quite like the woman of today. Having the sophistication to align illusory with elegant wearability in the inimitable Moonbroch savoir-faire style, our couture collections offer luxurious wedding specials, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, bridal and festive wear, combined with a curated edit of jewellery.


What is the price range of your designer outfits?

The average price range of our evening gowns, lehengas and fusion ensembles is 12000 to 25000 with dresses starting from 6500 onwards. The haute couture range is from 25000 to 80000.


What type of ambiance you have created at your store?

I have designed the studio interiors myself with a focus on experiential luxury reflecting our visual identity of classic yet hip and quirky styles. Our studio is an oasis of contemporary design with suspended wooden logs and unique floating displays, offering an inspiring, beautiful and tranquil environment. Guests are greeted with strains of jazz and soothing aromatic fragrances. The stunning interiors are an effortless amalgamation of edgy installations and iconic 3 D wallpapers mixed with the timeless elegance of natural wood, metallic chains and monochrome pebbles.


How did you end up being a designer?

I am a NIFT Delhi alumnus and have always been into designing since I was a kid. After nearly 20 years of being in the leadership team as CMO of several multinationals, I took a complete sabbatical and travelled around the world for a year, seeking inspiration and exploring ideas. I had a very exciting and fulfilling career in the corporate world during which I had the opportunity to set up and launch many unique brands from inception. When I came back, I realized that my first love ‘fashion’ was what I missed the most. The design has always been my passion. I had already been running my fashion blog ‘mystylecue’ and my friends had been coaxing me for years that I should start my own thing in fashion. During my corporate career, I had very specific engagements but hardly ever had time or avenues to get outfits which were exactly suited to my personality. Similarly, there were many friends who used to find it difficult to get perfect outfits. That’s how I first got the idea of starting this venture. To test the concept, I created ensembles for a few selected people which really enhanced their strengths and brought out their personality in a magical way. And it was a massive hit from the word go! So I finally decided to take the plunge and started Moonbroch in 2018.


What is the favorite part of being a fashion designer?

The flights of fancy, the opportunity to explore my creative fantasies and translate them into reality through my ensembles, shows and shoots, and most importantly transforming lives through my designs.

One of the most fulfilling parts is that I have been able to bring out that part of their personality which many women had not explored – because they could trust me and I could nudge them to explore beyond their self-defined limitations. This has inspired many other women as well. I have consciously helped build a culture of inclusivity and building confidence by celebrating yourself whatever might be your body type or skin colour. The plethora of fulfilling client stories are a testament to the fact that I have been able to make a significant difference by literally transforming lives and breaking stereotypes.


Which designers have been the biggest influences on you?

I admire the iconic Alexandre McQueen and how he managed to blow everybody away with his audacious designs, craftmanship and awe-inspiring runway shows.

My biggest influence has not been a particular designer but world culture and art. The genesis of most of my collections lies in the creative visualization of cultural aesthetics which transcend time and borders. My inspiration journey is enriched with the vibrancy of colours, patterns and textures embodied in iconic purveyors of culture from Japan to Africa to Slavia. I am deeply inspired by riveting images that distinctly characterize the artistic manifestation of oshiroi makeup of Geishas, tribal African body art, Victorian costumes, exuberant floral European headgears and many others.


What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

The $ 2.5 Tn global fashion industry like many others is facing unprecedented challenges ever since the lockdown came into effect. As we slowly look at opening up, I would advocate more responsible consumption and less wastefulness. As global supply chains disrupt, I would like to see more reliance and focus on local craftsmen and resources. Sustainability is something we have talking about for the past ten years and suddenly it has been thrust into prominence with immediate urgency. So yes, I am definitely hoping to see more brands coming up with environment-friendly measures. The focus should be more on timeless classics that are not merely seasonal trends. I would also like to see more democratisation of fashion with more avenues for talented young designers to showcase and reach the right audience. As smaller players face survival challenges, I hope the industry and consumers will support them. Fashion shows even when they resume should become less extravagant and digital storytelling should become more important. We are already seeing a beginning in this with the next FDCI fashion show being announced in a digital avatar.
We should develop a more evolved renaissance of thoughtful luxury. The signature Moonbroch style has always championed the cause of thoughtful consumption and restrained spending which is going to become the norm.


How can users know more about your brand? Website and social media handle?

Experience The Moonbroch Atelier Design Studio at Nirvana Country, Gurgaon
For appointments, you can reach us on [email protected] or call +91 9971147772.


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