Pushkar Ghat Aarti – Timing & Video

If you are in Pushkar, you can’t afford to miss the Pushkar ghat aarti or the Pushkar lake aarti. It is so mesmerizing, it’s altogether an amazing experience, one reaches another level of devotion at the time of the aarti.

The main priest does the mantra’s chanting with large fire bowls in the hand and the rest follow the lead. You will hear the bells from all the temples around the ghats, the whole atmosphere gets so positive & divine, it’s unforgettable.

Thousands of visitors from various cultures & religions attend the Pushkar ghat aarti at the time of the sunset(around 7:00 PM during Summers & at around 5:30 PM during winters). All the visitors are handed over with the rose petals before the aarti starts and then at the end of the aarti, everyone floats the flowers & diya’s in the lake. It is so pleasing to see the flowers and the diyas floating in the lake.

You will witness many priests offering Pushkar lake aarti at different Ghats but the most famous ghat amongst them is the Brahma Ghat. It is famous because it is said that Bhrama did yagya at this ghat of the Pushkar lake.

Kartik Purnima is of great importance in Hindu mythology. So on Kartik Purnima every year the Pushkar lake maha aarti is organized at Varah Ghat. Thousands of devotees and travelers gather at the Varaha Ghat to attend this religious event.



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