Rangji Temple Pushkar, Rajasthan – History, Architecture & Other Info

Rangji Temple in Pushkar is one of the most famous temples in the Pushkar. The Old Rangji Temple is also known as Shri Rangnath Venu Gopal Mandir. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rangji which is the resting form of Lord Vishnu. The temple has a huge & beautiful gopuram with beautiful sculptures. The main sanctum of the temple is guided by a great Garuda pillar.

The best time to visit the Pushkar Rangji temple would be during the morning prayers i.e. 8:00 AM.

History of Rangji Temple, Pushkar:


The old Rangji Temple was constructed by Seth Puranmal Ganeriwal of Hyderabad in 1844. The Temple complex enshrines the idols of the presiding deity Lord Krishna and of Rangnath, Goddess Laxmi, Goddamaji and Shri Ramanujacharya.

Ramanujacharya was a very famous Indian philosopher, Hindu theologian and one of the most important exponents of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition within Hinduism. And the Rangji temple is the first temple of South India Ramanuja Sampradaya (Shri Vaishnav Sect of Hindus). Sri Vaishnavism tradition is practiced in the southern part of India.


Architecture of Rangji Temple, Pushkar:


The architecture of the temple offers a unique combination of Rajasthan & south Indian styles. You will find beautiful paintings and Sculptures depicting mythology themes of Hinduism.

Once you enter the temple you will see the massive gopuram with beautiful sculptures. When you enter the sanctum you will find a huge Garuda pillar (Garuda is a Vahana of Lord Vishnu). And the main sanctum of the temple holds the idol of Rangji.

The temple complex also has a small museum that has majestic Vahanas and Gorgeous Umbrellas used during the festivals for deities.




At Rangji temple in Pushkar poojas and Rituals are performed as per the pancharatra vishi by Dravid Brahmins since 1844.

The Foreigners are not allowed in the main gopuram of the temple since 1864.

The Temple complex has been selected for preserving the aesthetic splendor of its art and architecture by conservation experts.



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