Tap-Your-Beer Gastropub That Serves 16 Varieties Of Chicken Wings – Welcome To Smoke On Water

Smoke On Water is comfortably located in Connaught Place and is a new entry in town. It is a sight of amazement to watch the city lapping up to this new place that has opened up with an all new concept of tap-you-beer-on-table. The place is a heaven for the beer lovers, who will now have to pay by the ‘ml’ and not as per mug or the pint. With the concept of tap-your-beer being introduced, Smoke On Water is a fun place meant for the party enthusiasts and groupies on a mission to have the night of the week. But apart from introducing a new concept in town, Smoke On Water has a lot more to offer in terms of food, ambiance, and entertainment.

As the name suggests, the place is a delight to those thirsty for beer. Every table has its own tap attached where the beer flows once you recharge a refundable card with the amount equaling the cost you wish to spend on your beer. Just when you wish to utter the word ‘COOL’, Smoke on water surprises you with its sixteen variants of Chicken Wings. Now, “how about that”?

The place is a two-floored gastro-pub with beautifully done brick-walled interiors and exposed ducts, making the place look like a high-end pub and yet maintaining the rustic look. The place has more than 20 flat LCD screen televisions that play pre-recorded music albums but when it comes to the match days, this is the place you need to be in. This is the kind of place where you can get the floor down with filled jugs in your hands and your buddies by your side. Beer and sports certainly go hand in hand.

The second floor has a large bar and a spacious seating arrangement that accommodates quiet a crowd. Now, Smoke On Water has used a fantastic marketing technology whereby, any passerby can see the reflection of ‘Smoke On Water’ logo right on the floor (only during the night). With such innovation, it is difficult to ignore Smoke On Water.

Coming to the food department, their sixteen variants of Chicken Wings is more than enough to impress you. But still if you are among those, who are hard to impress, the place has some extra-large burgers for you to gorge into. Their menu is quite impressive and you have good enough options to choose from.
Smoke On Water definitely has some lip-smacking food and the variant is a delight for the foodies. At the same time, the presentation too is impressive. For those who love cocktails, Desi Pauwaas are the perfect option and you just should not be missing out on this. The entire presentation of Desi Pauwaa is very exciting with literally smoke on water being the focus here.

The 16 Variants Of Chicken Wings :
• Peri Peri Chicken Wings
• Sriracha Wings
• Classic Buffalo Wings
• Tandoori Chicken Wings
• Jack Daniel’s Wings
• Mango Jerk Chicken Wings
• Honey Fried Chicken Wings
• Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings
• Peanut Butter Wings
• Texas BBQ Wings
• Jamaican Jerk Wings
• Wildly Wicked Teriyaki Wings
• Charmoulla Wings
• Ginger-Lime Chicken Wings
• Thai Red Curry Hot Wings
• Sweet Asian Hot Wings

Did you think we were exaggerating?
Smoke on water excels in every department be it the ambiance, service, food, drinks or be it the presentation. But what came as pretty much a surprise was that Smoke On Water stays true to its price. The place is absolutely value for money and will definitely stay within the budget.

So, the next time you are thinking of a party destination. Or if you are looking for that fabulous spot to enjoy the match. Head on to Smoke On Water and believe us, it will be worth your time and money.

Where ? Connaught Place, D-Block
Known For ? Beer and Chicken Wings
Cost For Two ? 1500/-
Nearest Metro Station ? Rajeev Chowk or Barakhamba Road